5 Reasons to Wear a Jumpsuit to Every Holiday Party

As our favorite maid of honor once said, “It's a great color. It's a great length. It's fun. You can twirl. You can move in it. You can spread your legs apart...” (Annie Walker, Bridesmaids). While this was in reference to a dress, the same thing can be said for the bold fashion statement that we are absolutely loving: The jumpsuit. Okay, admittedly this adult version of a onesie has always received mixed reviews, but we're pretty sure we've come up with five amazing reasons for you to ditch your cocktail dress and opt for a chic jumpsuit at your next holiday party this season! 

1. It’s an insta-outfit

While your friends are scrambling to pair the perfect top and bottom, you can rest easy because your top and bottom are so perfect for each other that they are connected! Just add jewelry and shoes, and bam! Your outfit is complete. We're partial to the Draped Garnet Jumpsuit ($178) from Anthropologie—the deep wine red is absolutely gorgeous. 

2. Your legs stay warm

So tights aren’t your thing, but neither is freezing your bare legs off in the biting cold. It sounds like a jumpsuit is right for you! Try the Dietrich Printed Jumpsuit ($158) from Anthropologie—printed with adorably tiny top hats, it was pretty much made to party in.

3. You can bust out all your craziest dance moves

Rather than subtly bobbing to the music, feel free to take center stage in your jumpsuit without fear of flashing fellow party guests. A jumpsuit allows for you to show off all your best dance moves. Have the urge for a Rockette-style kick line? Go for it! Since nothing says happy holidays like sequins do, we recommend the Jumpsuit with Sequin Bodice ($85.28) from ASOS.

4. You’ll stand out

In a sea of party dresses, you and your jumpsuit will attract the attention of envious party-goers who are (probably) cold and (definitely) deprived of the dance floor. A jumpsuit is the perfect wardrobe piece to experiment with new style options, and one with a classic silhouette in the bodice and pretty pleats at the waist means you can wear a jumpsuit to even the most formal events. Try the Royal Blue Strapless Jumpsuit ($43) from Lulu's.

5. They flatter your figure

No matter what your shape or size, jumpsuits are totally forgiving! The ASTR Floral Jacquard Jumpsuit ($78) from Nordstrom, with the deep V-neck, a cropped leg (to give just a tiny peek at the ankles) and a tie at the waist is particularly flattering. We also love that this piece serves as a unique take on the LBD—and the dark, subtle floral makes for the perfect finishing touch.

Are you sold on the holiday jumpsuit yet, collegiettes?