5 Pieces of Jewelry for the Girl Who's Terrible at Accessorizing

It’s an amazing feeling when you throw together a totally chic ensemble for the day––until you notice your bare wrists and ears and neck, and realize you have no idea how to accessorize. Even the most basic looks become next level with the right charming bracelet or elegant necklace, but when you don’t know what you’re doing, scrambling through your bracelet rack to find something workable can seem taxing. How do you nail accessories every time without having to turn your jewelry box inside out? Here are five essential pieces that’ll elevate every outfit without stress. 

1. Gold or silver necklace

Triple-strand Necklace ($9.99 at H&M)

You can’t go wrong with classic pieces of jewelry, and that's why gold and silver colored necklaces are made to pair with almost everything. Many necklaces come with a variety of motifs, like arrows, feathers and circles, which are simple and dainty so that they won’t clash with anything else in the outfit. Keep one of these in your jewelry arsenal and you have an easy accessory that works every time.

2. Leather watches

Anita Brown Leather Strap Watch ($135 at Macy's)

Yes, our phones are basically watches nowadays, but that’s no excuse to not take advantage of this cute jewelry piece! Watches are cute, functional accessories that let people know you’re always on time (or at least create the illusion that you are). The neutral tones of brown, red and black leather can complement most outfits with ease. Pastel and grey leathers are super trendy right now and perfect for when you want your watch to take center stage of your OOTD.  

3. Chokers

Kate Spade New York One in a Million Choker ($58 at Nordstrom)

Back in our middle school days, gothic chokers from Hot topic were all the rage. Seeing chokers come back with an array of different styles is such a chic throwback, plus ot opens up their styling potential even wider since now we know how to dress ourselves. We recommend keeping a versatile ribbon choker with a single charm on hand for when you're feeling whimsical, but still want something understated. Find one that coordinates colors with many of the pieces in your closet, then wear it all year around! 

4. Tassel earrings

Rosabella Tassel Earring ($36 at BaubleBar)

Tassel earrings are iconic and we’re not mad about it. They’re adorable, classy and kind of fun to run your fingers through when you’re bored in lecture. You can find a set in almost every color, so pick out a pair that add a pop for days when you want to make a statement. Pair these fun little beauties with a neutral outfit to elevate your style on campus, or wear them with a dress when you're feeling ~fancy~. 

5. Stud earrings

Loren Hope Sophie Stud Earring ($36 at Nordstrom)

If tassels are little too out of your comfort zone, go for a nice pair of stud. Stud earrings are great since they’re subtle, but still spice up your outfit. Pearl studs are always classy, diamonds dress an outfit up, and rustic metal can give you a boho feel. They usually come in sets and often with dainty designs like flowers, crescent moons and suns, so they won’t draw too much attention away from your carefully crafted ensemble.We especially recommend going for studs whenever you wear your hair up so that you can show off their tiny cuteness.

Accessorizing can be a breeze when you’ve got a little direction, but don’t be afraid to try out bolder jewelry too! Try these out for a start, and experiment all you’d like once you get the hang of jewelry-outfit coordination.