5 Outfits Made for Move-In Day

Back-to-school season is nearly underway, which means we know you're in the midst of preparation. But you've been so focused on preparing packing lists and gathering dorm room must-haves that you've completely forgotten about the most important part of move-in day—your outfit! Never fear, collegiettes! As always, we're here to help. Blending comfort, convenience and style effortlessly, these five outfits are guaranteed to establish you as style icon right from the start of the semesterand make the dreaded unpacking period fly by a whole lot quicker and easier.

1. Stay cool in a classic tee and shorts


Black top




ALDO black sandals



Lauren Merkin crossbody purse
$195 - shopbop.com



When you're dressing for a day of high activity, nothing beats a tee and some jean cut-offs. Both are incredibly durable and comfortable, which is perfect for lifting, moving and rearranging. The look will also keep you cool in that sweltering, un-airconditioned space you'll be calling home for the next few months! Make sure you bring along a crossbody bag to carry all of your essentials (think keys, IDs and a phone) hands-free, leaving you ready to unload the car with lightening speed. And instead of flip-flops, we recommend chunky sandals—they're way less likely to slip off and cause an embarrassing moving-day fall!

2. Radiate in a romper


ASOS romper



ASOS halter top
$29 - asos.com



Black romper





ALDO platform shoes



Vera bradley wristlet



Vera bradley backpack




The epitome of chic comfort, rompers are the ideal alternative to a pretty dress for all you girls dying to maintain a lovely look on move-in day. Our go-to summer skater skirt poses the risk of an unintended undie flash, and the slippery straps of our sundresses would be way too aggravating to constantly adjust when we've got to get down to business. Rompers, on the other hand, are effortless and easy, without sacrificing a polished style—talk about the perfect substitute! And with an abundance of options, there's a playsuit out there for anybody. No matter what look you choose, some glittery sandals or girly slip-ons will complete your ensemble in a pinch. Bring along a backpack to help carry items up to your room, or slip a cardholder on your newly issued lanyard so you can easily swipe-in to your building on all of those trips back and forth from the car.

3. Opt for jeans in cooler weather


Joining or reuniting with a chillier campus? Jeans and Chelsea boots are a no-brainer. Boots are made for action, as are jeans. Even better, a distressed pair will cover up any move-in mishaps, like an accidental rip from some box-lifting squats (whoops). Grab a clip-on cardholder for any necessary school IDs, which you can conveniently and accessibly attach to one of your jeans' belt loops.

4. Come across as a classy collegiette from the get-go!


J Crew peplum tank
$115 - jcrew.com



MANGO high waisted zipper shorts
$23 - johnlewis.com





Peplum, navy, white and stripes—could an outfit be more tasteful? Show off your princess persona without sacrificing royal comfort with some easy high waist knit shorts and a super-soft sleeveless top. Add in crisp, clean sneakers and a lovely plum crossbody to blend summer and fall together seamlessly.

5. Skorts should be a moving girls' bottom of choice


Love an edgy mini, but fear the ramifications of bending over to rearrange that rug? Skorts will be your savior. Pair the look with a too-cool tank and some trendy slides—as long as they have a back strap, they should stay put! A black nylon satchel will be of utmost convenience and shine with effortless style.

With the right shoes, clothing, and bag to carry all necessary supplies (or orientation materials and handouts!), your semester is sure to have a bright and beautiful start.

Have an easy, breezy move-in day, collegiettes!