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5 Lesser-Known Brands You’ll Obsess Over Based on Brands You Already Love

Spring is coming and with a new season comes the opportunity for new styles, brands and outfits! However, sometimes we want a fresh, new brand to shop but don’t know where to start. Here are a few you might just fall in love with.

1. If You Like Nasty Gal, Check Out HLZBLZ


HLZBLZ is an edgy, streetwear brand inspired by musicians and artists around the world while always representing the “liberators of the ‘bra burning 60’s.” This female empowering brand is perfect if you like that femme boldness of Nasty Gal in your wardrobe. HLZBLZ kicks it up a few notches!


2. If You Love Champion, Steady Hands Has Your Aesthetic

Champion is all the rage right now. Try impressing your friends with pieces that fit the same aesthetic but come from a small business putting out just as dope clothing. With this independent brand, each piece is cut and sew, which means they hand pick the fabric and hand make the items. There are no third-party suppliers or manufacturers involved so each piece is uniquely made with the customer in mind! This brand is definitely one to check out.


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3. If You Like Free People, You’ll Love Coco + Jaimeson

Coco + Jaimeson is a brand that is carried at Buckle, Dillard’s, Tilly’s, and many other stores and has a total Free People vibe! Floral patterns, flowing pieces and available at a much more college-student-friendly price. You can find everything from the perfect cardigan to the most beautiful dresses with this brand. Try out Coco + Jaimeson for your next function!

4. If You’re Obsessed with Urban Outfitters, Try Nova Supply Co.

Almost everyone loves a good shopping trip to Urban Outfitters – and honestly who could blame you? – but Nova Supply Co. is a brand with a very similar look. The basic tees and sweaters are super comfy and their body suits are totally poppin’. The Nova Supply Co. tagline is “Handmade by us for you” and that’s exactly what Canadian Designer, Clayson, wanted for the brand, he wants to make each customer feel the creativity he puts into each item. They’re about to drop their Summer line-up so make sure to keep an eye out for that!


5. If Your Favorite Brand is White House Black Market, Try Avec Les Filles

Avec Les Filles is a brand coming up in Macy’s that collegiates are loving. Abby Piper, a senior at Notre Dame, says “Avec Les Filles is a brand that my friends recently discovered at Macy’s and turned me on to,” she says. “As hinted by the name, it’s French-inspired style, so chic and clean, but also has trendy pieces. I feel like any style—edgy, preppy, classic, girly — could find something there.”

Just like White House Black Market, Avec Les Filles is the type of brand to take you from class to internship to happy hour.

You’ll find more than one gem in each of these brands and your spring and summer looks will be so poppin’. What are some of your favorite brands that are lesser known?

Marisa Pieper is a student at Arizona State University studying Communication, Fashion, and Marketing (digital & traditional). She loves to discuss the latest style and beauty trends while also reporting on things that are important to her!
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