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5 Halloween-Colored Makeup Trends You Can Still Rock on Campus

Halloween is a time for bold, colorful makeup that’s fun to apply and even more fun to rock, so why limit your statement-making beauty looks to one night a year? With a few tweaks you can sport your favorite spooky beauty trends all fall and winter long!

1. Orange blush

Orange blush can easily look clownish, so the trick is finding the right shade for your skin. If you’re pale, a more peachy-coral shade will give you a touch of color without looking too harsh. The darker your skin, the more vibrant you can go with your orange blushes… just make sure to keep the color on the apples of your cheeks and blend, blend, blend! To balance out the orange on your cheeks, apply a sheer coral lip stain to tie it all together. Try shades from the NARS Cosmetics’ Orgasm collection ($30).

2. Forest-green eyeliner

This trend is dramatic and alluring all year round, and surprisingly easy to do! Choose a green pencil or gel liner (like Almay’s Intense I-Color Defining Liner, $4.99) or even a green powder shadow dampened with a makeup mixing fluid and draw a reasonably thick line from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye, winging it out slightly. You can leave it there or add a thinner line of black liner right along your lashline to give more definition and make the green pop. Either way, finish off the look with a matte neutral shade blended through the crease and tons of mascara!

3. Midnight blue mascara

Tons of brands now make colored mascaras, but it can be hard to branch out of your usual blacks and browns to try something more adventurous. Midnight blue is a great choice because it’s dark enough to provide definition and the color flatters every single eye color. We love Butter London’s WINK mascara in Inky Six ($20). To make sure the mascara stands out, avoid any dark shadows or heavy liners and instead cover your lid with a light shimmery shadow, concentrating on the inner corners of your eyes. This will make your eyes appear larger and allow your lashes to be the star of the show.

4. Black nail polish

Dark nails are an autumn and winter staple, but a full-on black can be a bit daunting, not to mention it can easily look grubby and goth. The trick to making this look less costumey and more chic is a high-shine mani. Start by cleaning up your cuticles and cutting and shaping your nails. Use a base coat to keep the dark polish from staining your nails and then apply two coats of a jet black polish, like the Black Holy polish from Floss Gloss ($8). Finish off with a super high-shine top coat for dramatic and sophisticated nails.

5. Ombré vampy lip

The vampy lip is a must for any witch or vampire costume, but it’s actually a great option for a statement-making autumn or winter look. Brush a concealer or foundation on your lips to cancel out the natural pinkness and carefully line your lips with a lip liner that matches the lipstick. Using either a deep red, plum or even burgundy lipstick, fill in your lips (matte textures work best for vampy lips!). To create the sexy ombré effect, take a slightly darker lip pencil or lipstick on a brush, and concentrate the darker color around the corners of your mouth and the very top and bottom of your lips to create a multi-dimensional effect. Bite Beauty’s Matte Creme Lip Crayon ($24) and the brand’s matte Cashmere Lip Cream ($28) pair perfectly together. Pucker up!

We love Halloween, so any excuse to extend the festivous season is more than alright by us! What are your favorite Halloween beauty trends, collegiettes, and how do you make them work for everyday?

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Sophie Dodd


Sophie is currently a senior at Middlebury College in (very) rural Vermont and loves it. In addition to majoring in English and double minoring in Classics and Film, Sophie loves watching makeup tutorials, buying magazines in bulk, obsessively repainting her nails and catching up on The Vampire Diaries. Oh, and she's completely obsessed with Christmas, coffee, and her two kittens, Luna and Zuzu.
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