5 Fashion Trends from Instagram That We Want to Try ASAP

Move over chokers, oval sunglasses and gingham print, there are new fashion trends taking over our Instagram feeds this season. Trends go in and out of style in the blink of an eye, and it seems as though there’s always a constant stream of new fashion crazes on our social feeds  

It’s safe to say that we’re glad we left galaxy print and unicorn-themed accessories behind in 2017. But with another new year upon us, there are a few new garments and ways to wear your faves that are flooding our timelines and shopping carts.

But not all of these trends are entirely new. Some of the styles that influencers, trendsetters and that super stylish person on your campus are rocking are straight out of the ‘90s.

1. Cheetah and leopard prints



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Cheetah and leopard prints are bringing the jungle to your closet, and your Instagram timeline, in a wild-yet-still-subtle way. Ranging from cute cheetah print pants to cozy leopard sweaters, the earthy tones of these brown and black-spotted animals are a match made in heaven for the simple pieces in your closet. Easy to pair with skirts, plain tees or overcoats, these prints can take your style to the next level.

Emma Theis, a junior at St. John’s University, is completely here for the Cheetah print mania. “I honestly love the cheetah trend because it’s neutral. I think mixing in patterns can be hard, so cheetah helps, and I feel like the cheetah is so feminine and powerful,” says Theis.  

These animal prints may seem scary to add into your wardrobe, but have no fear – they can be easily incorporated into everyday looks, and found in your favorite stores. We’re loving this leopard print motif tee from H&M ($9.99) that comes in XS-XL and can be easily tucked in or left out for a bold addition to any outfit.  Or, if you’re in love with the prints and ready to go all in, this New Look Curve Leopard Print dress from ASOS ($29) is a must-have for nights out, or even when you’re just feeling yourself. 

2. Teddy coats

We’re not sure if it’s the cold weather or the collective desire to be a cast member on Mob Wives, but large coats are definitely having a moment. The puffiness and softness of teddy coats are trending on social media in the most luxurious way—and the fact that they’re made out of faux fur is a huge plus.

Exactly as it sounds, teddy coats are fuzzy and warm jackets that resemble the fur of your favorite stuffed animal: a teddy bear. Don’t worry though, no teddy bears were harmed in the making of these coats.

Consider adding this cute teddy coat from BP ($79) at Nordstrom that can be both a coat and blanket if you try hard enough. The reversible teddy jacket has all the style and comfort a person can ask for and comes in various inclusive sizes. 

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3. Gen Z yellow



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Move over millennial pink, there’s a new generational color to obsess over. Gen Z yellow ranges from a muted lemon to a deep mustard hue, and it has been seen throughout the spreads of fashion magazines and all over the runways since the beginning of the year, but this trend isn’t dying down anytime soon.

The Gen Z yellow trend embodies the newest generation; one that is becoming the voice of fashion, politics and pretty much everything. A statement piece in the cheerfulness of the color alone, Gen Z yellow is here to stay and an easy way to brighten up any outfit. Primark has a great collection of yellow looks that can be worn by all, their super soft sweater ($8) is both affordable and, of course, super soft.

4. Platform shoes

We’re talking platform heels, platform boots and platform sneakers. Platform shoes are not just for the vertically challenged, but for all who are looking for something edgy and chic that just screams, “Trendsetter.”

While we definitely agree that Vans and Converse are an OG go to, the neglected platform boot is an OG we need to shed a larger light on. A favorite of many is the classic Doc Marten platform boot, but instead of going for the usual patent look, think about going for something printed or even in a glitter material like the Molly Glitter boots ($170). Adia Chaney, a sophomore at SCAD, loves wearing platform shoes, especially her Doc Martens. “I’m really into the platform shoes look. Like platform shoes/boots, Vans/Converse and Doc Martens,” she explains.

Platform boots are a fun and simple choice that can be paired with pretty much anything. If you think you can handle the height, Dolls Kill sells epic platforms with designs like flames, snakeskin and holographic prints. The LALA platform sneakers ($100) are not meant for the gym but are definitely Instagram worthy. 

5. Matching sets



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I think we have Harry Styles to thank for the spread of matching sets on Instagram, and I’m not even a little mad. Whether it be a matching suit or skirt and jacket set, the desire to match prints and colors is both practical and bold. The matching set is a statement piece and fashionable choice that exudes confidence with the variety of prints and colors to display.

Don’t worry about being mistaken for your grandmother’s old couch though. Floral prints, bright colors and funky graphics show your unique identity while still looking like you’ve walked out of the pages of a magazine. With a new pep in your step, any matching set can really up your fashion game and have you wonder why you ever wore anything but matching sets.

The best part about sets is that you can wear them mix matched or together for endless style options. This warm colored, matching set ($105) from ASOS is both business and fun that looks good on anyone.  

So, whether they’re new or old, these fashion trends are going to have you wanting to scavenge your nearest thrift shop and maybe even your parent’s closet for some cute pieces to up your OOTD game

Instagram is a campground for new fashion trends and who knows what will be next. If you try out any of these trends or have a new style that you think is trendy be sure to tag us in your posts on Instagram @hercampus and @hercampusstyle and use the hashtags #HCXO and #HCWearsWhats for a chance to be featured.