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5 Easy Steps for Cleaning Out Your Closet

Though the weather may not signal it, spring is on the way. But while these last weeks of winter continue dragging on, now is the perfect time to clean out your closet. We know you probably dread this task as much as we do, but we’ve mapped out 5 easy steps to getting it done so your spring cleaning will be a breeze!

1. Take everything out!

Start simple by taking everything—yes, everything!—out of your closet. There’s no way you can see the massive amount of clothes you have until you lay them all out in front of you. Plus, you wouldn’t want that hideous bodycon dress you never wear to keep its unearned place in the very back crevice of your closet just because you don’t see it while you’re decluttering.

2. Ask the tough questions

If you’re unsure whether or not a certain piece should be thrown out, go through this handy checklist of important questions. Answer honestly and your true feelings about the item will be revealed.

3. Keep, toss, or donate?

Based on your answers to the preceding questions, you’ve decided what things to keep and which to rid from your life for good. Donating clothes that you no longer want is a great way to eliminate them without the guilt. But some items, like those that are irreparably dirty or damaged, need to be thrown away. Take an adventure through this flow chart to make sure those things you want to donate are worthy hand-me-downs.

4. Organize what’s left

Do what works for you. Sort by color and silhouette. Hang as many items as possible; if you can see a piece, you’re more likely to wear it. Those areas of prime real estate in your closet are where you should keep articles of clothing you wear most often so they’re easy to find. If you’re working with limited space, your wardrobe can also double as room décor.

5. Be smart about new items

Now it’s time to look to the future so you don’t find yourself in this situation any time soon. If your closet is still busting at the seams, you need to consider giving up a piece for every new one you buy. Continuing to buy things all the time will only lead to your spring cleaning coming again quicker than you’re expecting. So the most proactive way to avoid this is to give up an equivalent item for each new piece you buy.

Do you have any tips for cleaning out and organizing your closet, collegiettes?

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