5 Clothing Brands That Give Back to National Parks & Forests

National parks and forests have historically been places in America where people go to find adventure, connect with nature, and relax with family and friends. We’ve all probably been to at least one of the 419 national park sites at one time or another. For me personally, national parks have become rooted in my family’s travel plans. Visiting a national park is such an incredible experience where you can immerse yourself in the history, culture and endless adventure that these areas offer.

While I was excited to continue my quest to visit every national park in the United States, COVID-19 quickly put a stop to my travel plans this year. However, I still wanted to find a way to support our national parks and forests during the pandemic. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of five clothing brands that help support these beautiful areas, which you can get involved with too!

  1. 1. Parks Project

    Parks Project is one of my favorite places to purchase comfy clothing that’s for a good cause. Their T-shirts and sweatshirts are just so soft and cozy, and they sustainably print and dye all of their pieces locally in California. 

    Parks Project is an official partner to the national parks, and they also partner directly with various non-profits and conservancies that protect and preserve the parks. Some of their progress includes helping to restore 267 acres in the Great Smoky Mountains and planting 2,822 native species in Muir Woods. Parks Project is committed to helping the national parks with habitat restoration, visitor programs, wildlife conservation, and youth education. 

  2. 2. Wild Tribute

    Wild Tribute is a clothing brand that seeks to pay tribute to the history and spirit of the national parks. Their unique designs and soft fabrics are just some of the reasons why I love this brand. Wild Tribute donates 4% of its proceeds to national parks and public lands.

    They’ve partnered with many individual organizations such as the Western National Parks Association and Hawaii Pacific Parks Association. In 2019, Wild Tribute donated $204,338 to conservancies and organizations that help the parks, so you know your purchase is being put to good use. 

  3. 3. Pendleton National Park Collection

    You’ve probably heard of Pendleton, a historic family-owned company known for their woven blankets and durable wool clothing. However, Pendleton also has an entire national park collection, where they offer clothing, blankets and many other things that help support national parks. 

    For every item sold from Pendleton’s national park collection, the National Park Foundation receives a royalty, which is an amount of money paid by Pendleton to the NPF for the use of the NPF brand or patent. This partnership has raised over $700,000 for the NPF! 

    Pendleton’s national park collection was launched in the early 1900s, and their iconic green, yellow, red and black striped blankets and clothing have become a symbol of National Park conservancy efforts.

  4. 4. The Landmark Project

    The Landmark Project is an ethical and sustainable company that strives to promote outdoor stewardship. This company believes that sustainability begins within their brand, and they constantly work to better improve their company standards. They sell many apparel products, such as their best-selling t-shirts and bandanas.

    The Landmark Project implements ethical working conditions, both in their Greenville, South Carolina print shop, as well as in their custom-made T-shirt shop in Guatemala. The materials for the company’s posters, stickers, patches and pins are all responsibly sourced and produced, with many of the products made by using environmentally conscious alternatives to harmful chemicals and ingredients.

    This brand has partnered with the US Forest Service since 2017, and they support the organization by creating tribute designs for Smokey Bear. We’re probably all familiar with the iconic Smokey Bear, who has served as a symbol for wildfire prevention for more than 75 years. 10% of the company’s Smokey Bear sales are donated to the United States Forest Service. The Landmark Project has helped to raise $315,000 for wildfire prevention education.

  5. 5. Good and Well Supply Co.

    Good and Well Supply Co. started by making handmade soy candles using natural ingredients inspired by different cultures and ancient civilizations. This brand then set out to design clothing, accessories and other products inspired by the beauty and heritage of the national parks. 

    Good and Well Supply Co. donates 5% of its profits back to the National Park Foundation. In addition to apparel options, the brand has created a collection of national park candles that embody the scents of many of the iconic parks. My favorite is the Saguaro national park candle, which is made with scent notes of cactus, desert flowers and amber. 

It’s so important that we move away from fast fashion and support brands that follow ethical labor practices and use materials that are sustainably sourced. Why not purchase quality clothing pieces that support good causes? 

I’ve mentioned just a few of the incredible brands that are working to help support our National Parks and forests. While clothes can’t replace the experience of exploring a National Park, purchasing from small businesses that foster sustainability and environmental conservancy is a great way to show your support of the historic and magnificent parks and forests that are all around us.