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The 5 Best Resources for Finding a Career in Fashion

Want a job in fashion, but don’t know where to look? We’ve got you covered. Here are the websites you should visit to launch your fashion career:


1. Fourth Floor

Fourth Floor is a recruiting site that focuses its energy on major fashion hubs, including LA, Orange County, San Francisco, Greenwich and New York. They work as a liaison between major companies and potential employees, and the site has listings for jobs in everything from design to social media marketing.

2. Media Bistro

Media Bistro is your one-stop shop for everything you need in the media industry. It has a blog, online training courses, and of course, job listings. Though its reach spans far beyond fashion, it’s a good place to go to look for jobs in magazine publishing and design.

3. Ed2010

Ed2010 is a great resource for internships and jobs in the magazine industry. The great thing about its specialization is that it provides in-depth information, including this handy guide to industry lingo.

4. Fashionista

Fashionista, a site that covers all the fashion news you could ever want, also features career listings at all levels, whether you’re looking to start out as an assistant or you’re on the hunt for a higher-level position.

5. Fashion Net

Fashion Net is one of the oldest fashion sites on the web (launched in 1995!) and focuses on high fashion and luxury brands. In addition to job listings, it features how-to articles like “How to Become a Fashion Editor” that provide expert advice on how to achieve your fashion goals.

If fashion is your passion, these sites might just be the first step to the career of your dreams!

Zoë Randolph

UC Berkeley '15

Since graduating, Zoë's served as a content marketer for non-profits and tech startups. She worked remotely and traveled the world full-time with her fiancé before becoming a freelance writer and settling (at least for now) in Montréal, Quebec. She likes reading good books, learning new things, and watching Real Housewives argue on TV. You can keep up with her writing over at zoerandolph.com.
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