5 of the Best Looks from Coachella Weekend 1

Coachella may be a music festival, but we all know that fashion is at the forefront of every show. Since its creation, Coachella has been a hotspot for festival fashion, kicking off the season and setting trends for the year. Balancing fashion while battling the heat is no easy feat, and efforts to look effortless in the middle of the desert should be rewarded. So, to spotlight a few, here are five of our favorite outfits from the first weekend of festival madness.

1. Keaton Milburn's "abs"


lose yourself

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Between the simple color palette and infusions of bling from head to toe, we're in love with YouTuber Keaton Milburn's look. It's comfortable, stylish and doesn't require a thousand pushups to get positive attention around your midriff.

2. Gabby Epstein at City Limit


Mood - COACHELLA 2018. Outfit from @showpo

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This Aussie incorporated both ends of the festival fashion spectrum into one outift: short and sexy and long and flowing. From her pink-fringed boots to her adorable forehead accents, there isn't a detail out of place in this gorgeous ensemble.

3. Saweetie looking so sweet



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After kicking off her summer tour at Coachella, Saweetie stuck around in an incredible lewk. White sock boots, wide fishnets, a classic combo of cut-off shorts and a crop top—all tied together with a flowing, vibrant kimono by OTT.

4. James Charles half-assing it



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This cover boy's race-inspired outfit is anything but a drag. Stepping out in this cheeky outfit with his highlight on point, Charles has set a new standard for male fashion at festivals. Try to keep up, boys!

5. Everything Rihanna wore

When it comes to unconventional fashion, no one does it better than Bad Girl Riri herself. Those waiting on the edge of their seats to see what she would pull out for this year were not disappointed.


came thru drippin’

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First, she took a trip back to the '60s in this gorgeous, all-white leather look. The flips and buckles were drool-worthy enough, but adding on the fact that she styled her hair so perfectly and paired it all with that makeup look? Cruel.


extra af. #chella18

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Next, an outfit that even Rihanna called "extra AF" in her caption: the endless brown ensemble. So much bunching, so little time.


when u finna run outta hangers.

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And last, an outfit that only Rihanna could pull off: layers and a ski mask. How this came together, we can only guess. But waist-high python boots and wearing chandelier earrings on the outside of your ski mask? Iconic.

With one more weekend to go, Coachella's looks have only started to grace the internet. Brace yourself, there's more to come.