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Nothing beats curling up with a cozy blanket and a hot drink and watching your favorite YouTube videos. With the rise of beauty gurus recording their knowledge of all things hair, makeup and nails on YouTube, the Internet has become an amazing place of sharing and excitement for beauty enthusiasts and experts.

I love watching the videos that these girls make, so here are my five favorite gurus for your enjoyment. These girls are the best sources for general beauty tips and tricks, and many of them post similar videos, such as monthly favorite videos, but each video contains different products and reviews. This list is not exhaustive; it’s only the beginning of all of the amazing YouTube beauty gurus to learn from!

Ingrid Nilsen @missglamorazzi

Ingrid hails from California and is very open about her love of donuts, pandas, and her adorable cat Nugget. She lets her fun and adorable personality shine through in all of her videos, and she’s one of the sweetest girls on YouTube, in my opinion. Ingrid makes awesome tutorial and routine videos that are easy to learn from and follow along. She’s honest when she reviews products, and she always looks super chic in her videos. Don’t let that fool you, though; she’s gone barefaced before, in Instagram in particular, so she has no problem being herself.

Check out Ingrid’s most recent video of her January Favorites!


Rachel Whitehurst @87daysbefore

Originally from Pennsylvania, Rachel is full of sass and humor. She’s very open about the fact that she swears a lot, and her blunt personality and extremely honest opinions make her super entertaining to watch. She has a wide range of beauty videos that includes “Empties” videos where she talks about products that she has used up, makeup tutorials, and “Quickie” videos where she makes a short video about a certain topic, such as if the Beauty Blender is worth it. She also makes lots of funny and random videos with her boyfriend, as well as recipe videos that she calls “Chrachel Cooks,” which make her an all-around great YouTube star to watch. We like Rachel so much here at Her Campus that we interviewed her last February!

Rachel’s newest video is her seventh “Empties” video! 


Lauren Curtis @laurenbeautyy on Twitter or @lozcurtis on Instagram

All the way from Australia, Lauren is the number one YouTube beauty guru in her home country. She’s full of beauty knowledge with her various, easy-to-follow makeup tutorials for both classic looks and new, trendy looks. She also makes hairstyle videos so that you can create looks like voluminous beachy waves without a trip to the salon. She lets her friends star in her videos on occasion as well, such as when they want to review similar products or get ready together. Lauren is currently in NYC for her first trip to America, which she’s documenting on her Facebook fan page, Twitter and Instagram, so follow her on social media to see her journey.

Lauren’s latest beauty video explains how to fix your most common beauty blunders!


Samantha Chapman and Nicole Haste Chapman @pixiwoos

This sister duo from the United Kingdom offer their viewers a wide variety of tutorials for whatever level of beauty expertise you may be at. They offer lessons for creating looks based on popular singers and movie characters, as well as everyday looks. Their channel alternates between videos of Samantha’s tutorials and Nicole’s tutorials, but there are also videos where the sisters work together. Samantha has also launched her Real Techniques makeup brushes line, which you can buy at Ulta.

Their newest video shows you how to create a Emma Willis inspired smoky eye look!


Michelle Phan @michellephan on Twitter or @michellefawn on Instagram

Last but certainly not least is the infamous Michelle Phan. She currently lives in Los Angeles, but was born in Boston to Vietnamese parents. Her mother originally wanted her to become a doctor, yet Michelle wasn’t interested in that and had a fascination in cosmetics more than anything. When she got her first laptop for college, she filmed her first tutorial, which was in 2007, and from there she’s gained over 5 million YouTube subscribers. She also has partnered with L’Oreal to launch her own cosmetic line, called EM by Michelle Phan, which provides high quality makeup at low prices, which is great for collegiettes on a budget. Her videos include many dramatic makeup tutorials, such as Lady Gaga and Jasmine from Aladdin. A new video is posted on her channel every Friday, so check in weekly for new content from this famous beauty icon.

Michelle’s newest video teaches you how to make a DIY Rice Scrub and Face Mask!


Who are your favorite YouTube beauty gurus and beauty videos/tutorials? Sound off in the comments!

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