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5 Beauty Instagrams You Need to Follow

As beauty addicts, our Instagrams are filled with many other beauty obsessers: makeup artists (professional or aspiring), beauty editors and nail fanatics. If you’re looking for some beauty inspiration on your Instagram feed, you have to check out these beauty Instagram accounts! 

1. @beautyisboring_

Created by Robin Black, this Instagram (an extension of her website) showcases faces she finds beautiful: models, actresses, friends, artists, people. She does their makeup and takes a clean photograph of them. She calls it her photo essay so that she can show the world that beauty is not just one size (or look).

If you’re not following this Insta, we suggest you do! The pictures are breathtaking because they focus only on people’s faces and their makeup. A lot of the looks are easily reproduced, so you can look, be amazed and do the looks yourself! Plus, she loves photographing some of her models with her dog, and it’s beyond precious!

2. @temptalia

Beauty blogger extraordinaire Christine Mielke uses her Instagram to highlight pictures of higher-end makeup that will make you “ooh” and “ahh.” She also loves to take pictures of her dog that will make you go, “aww!”

We love following her Insta and her blog because she features herself trying on the products for reviews and dupes of the beauty items she owns. We seriously just want everything she has! Plus, she got to try out the new Christian Louboutin nail polish, and we are so jealous. 

3. @wahnails

Based in London, WAH Nails is an totally awesome nail salon that we definitely want to visit. This nail salon does super cool, retro and fun nail styles that make your standard mani look so passé. Luckily for those of us who aren’t native to London, they post their eccentric nail designs on their Instagram so that we can attempt (emphasis on “attempt”) to do the styles ourselves.

Need a little (or a lot of) nailspiration? Just follow this Insta!

4. @charlottewillermakeup

Charlotte Willer, another makeup artist, showcases more colorful and eccentric faces. A lot of these looks aren’t easily reproducable or wearable for daytime, but seeing a splash of color every now and then makes us want to try out neon-green lips.

Need some more color in your life? Check her Insta out!

5. @smashboxcosmetics

Since this is Smashbox’s official Instagram account, they feature only their own products, but that doesn’t make their Instagrams any less appealing!

Following a beauty company’s Insta is a great first step to finding other beauty Instas because they’ll tag the makeup artists associated with each shoot. Smashbox is a great place to start because they feature their products, looks, how-tos and photo shoots.

Are there any beauty Instagrams you’re beyond obsessed with that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments below!

Elodie is currently enrolled at Duke University, Class of 2016. She is involved in her sorority, Chi Omega, Bench & Bar, GlobeMed, and Students of the Caribbean Association. She is pre-law and studying Political Science with certificates in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) and a minor in Sociology. As one of our Beauty School bloggers, she is fairly obsessed with all things makeup and cosmetics. When she's not running debt on clothes and makeup, you can usually find her out and about, exploring whatever town she is in or watching Netflix cuddled with a mug of hot chocolate. Currently, her favorite show is "Hawaii Five-O". She aspires to be the next Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating rolled into one, but with a stable marriage and children. Her life will be complete once Buzzfeed creates an article titled "X Reasons why We Love Elodie". Elodie loves talking and responds to all of her emails. She would love to hear from you! You can contact her at: Email: elodiejeanphilippe@hercampus.com Twitter/Instagram: @GetElodofThis_ Blog: http://getelodofme.blogspot.com
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