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5 Beauty Blogs to Read Over Winter Break

After what seemed like a never-ending finals season, winter break is finally here, and with it comes time. And now, with the holidays in full swing, we’re looking for some great beauty tips and tricks to test out now (and in the new year!). So make the most of it and check out these five must-read beauty blogs—you’ve got the extra hours to lust over luxe products and even try out some new looks.

1. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is a makeup artist based in London who divulges her insider info on skincare and makeup on her blog—it’s perfect for anybody looking for product reviews, especially if you want to be sure that eye cream you’re getting your mom actually works!

2. Vivianna Does Makeup

Vivianna Does Makeup is a blog written by Anna, a makeup guru who not only keeps a written blog, but also creates YouTube videos. She writes and talks about her favorite products, new beauty releases as well as beauty on a budget! 

3. Tanya Burr


Tanya Burr is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who also creates videos on YouTube. Her blog is perfect for those looking for new beauty products and want an honest, helpful review. Her popular YouTube videos show her bubbly and happy personality and her tips and tricks are helpful whether you’re a makeup pro or still learning the ropes!

4. Lily Pebbles

Lily Pebbles is a beauty blog created by, well, Lily Pebbles! The blog offers different beauty reviews, videos, style tips and more. We love that Lily’s blog also offers recipes, fun stories and some everyday life tips.

5. Beauty Banter

Beauty Banter is a blog created by Sarah Howard, a writer and beauty consultant. The blog consists of everything from beauty trends, tips & tricks and weekly products that you must try out. If you’re looking for some new products to try or new ways to style your hair this holiday season, check out this blog for some amazing ideas.

What beauty bloggers do you follow?

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