5 Annoying Summer Clothing Struggles (& How to Fix Them)

With summer comes the beach, the sun and of course, your summer closet. Summer clothes are cute, but that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice comfort. Here are five fashion struggles we all deal with during the summer and advice on how to overcome them!

1. Strapless tops

Raise your hand if you hate wearing a strapless bra because of the constant tugging to keep it in place throughout the day! Summer outfits can be cute, yet complicated. Luckily, bandeaus are in style and no one cares if those straps are out because they’re cuter than bra straps. Try sporting a bandeau with a spaghetti strap romper, which involves none of the sliding down of a strapless bra. Don’t have a bandeau? Use a bathing suit top!

2. The shorts that won’t stay put

With high-waisted shorts continuing to trend in the warmer months, there’s the everlasting issue of them riding up and revealing some cheeks. April Purvis, a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said she uses dress tape at the bottom of her shorts to keep them in place—meaning you can say goodbye to the unintentional cheeky look.

3. Yellow sweat stains

There’s actually a science behind those pesky yellow sweat stains and why they form (a.k.a. the protein in sweat reacting with the aluminum in deodorant). The solution? Buy deodorants without aluminum, like Arm and Hammer Natural Deodorant.

4. Chafing thighs

The ONLY downside to wearing shorts… the dreaded thigh chafing. Haleigh Prysock, a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, says that in high school she was miserable until her mom told her to put deodorant in between her thighs. “It helps with the stickiness and redness,” she says, and her thighs have been happy ever since. In addition, there are also several anti-chafing creams and balms out there, like Body Glide, that also reduce sweat and provide a small layer of protection from the friction.

5. Terrible tan lines

You know when you wear a strappy bathing suit to the beach and it looks like you have some disease after lying out? Or even if you can’t tan at all, you can even out your look with a fake tanner. Haleigh says she loves Ecotan, which also has all-natural ingredients and doesn’t leave your skin orange.

This summer, don't suffer from terrible tan lines, or any fashion faux pas for that matter! Enjoy the sun and any piece of clothing without the hassle.