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4 Sustainable Fashions for Earth Day

The trend of eating organic food has been spreading throughout the nation at full force thanks to stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes. And if you place so much importance on eating organically, shouldn’t you be dressing organically too? No, we’re not suggesting that you make a dress out of the paper grocery bag you used for your last trip to the store. We’re talking about dressing in beautiful clothing that uses environmentally responsible materials and that are produced in an ethical manner. There are plenty of designers who have partnered up with Mother Nature to create products that look good on you and that look good for the future of the environment. So celebrate Earth Day today and check out these eco-friendly looks!

Did you ever think you would buy something other than food that was labeled “Vegan?” At Modavanti you can find vegan clothing and styles that are organic, eco-conscious, and many more environmentally friendly modes of production. This brand places a badge on each of their items so you know exactly how your outfit is supporting the environment!

USA Made

USA Made and Recycled Purposed

USA Made and Recycled Purposed


The people who created PACT believe that good clothes come from a good beginning. Since this beginning is usually a farmer’s field, this company goes to all lengthens to make sure that the process of creating their products is as clean and eco-friendly as possible. So while you’re looking good it these stellar designs, you can feel good about where it came from and know that the environment is thanking you. And with a collection including tops, bottoms, panties and socks, you can rock the sustainable look from head to toe.

Collina Strada
Concerning fashion, New York might not be the first place you think of when talking about sustainable, eco-friendly clothes. But everything that comes from Collina Strada fits that description and their products are also all hand made in the Big Apple. Without outsourcing to different countries, which results in lots of resources needed to bring the products back to the States, the production of these bags and clothing create a low carbon footprint. These styles don’t take a big hit on the environment, but they are a hit when you wear them!

Cri de Cœur
The name says it perfectly. Translated from French it means “cry from the heart,” which symbolizes the deep desire of the company to change the world of fashion into becoming more environmentally ethical. This is another brand that goes vegan, and not just for lunch, but they use biodegradable materials like cotton, hemp and wood. But you would never guess these products were any different from your everyday shoes or handbags because they look just as stylish! But Mother Nature rests easy thanks to these looks.


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