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4 Fashion Rules It’s Totally OK to Break (& How to Do It!)

We’ve all heard the typical list of fashion “don’ts” before: “Put away your whites after labor day,” or “Black and navy in the same outfit clash.” Newsflash: breaking a lot of these so-called style rules is actually the secret to some really chic outfits. Don’t believe us? These looks just might change your mind.

1. “Black and navy are a no-go”


Fit and flare dress



Sleeveless crop top





Mossimo handbag



It turns out black and navy can actually be a super stylish alternative to your go-to all black look! To make it work, the key is to choose a navy piece that is light enough in color to stand out against your black pieces. A navy pinstripe dress paired with a leather jacket is the perfect way to test-drive the look. For fall, add a grey turtleneck underneath for a cool layered touch. A snake printed bag pops against dark shades!

2. “Only wear one print per outfit”



Glamorous long jacket



Wool skirt



Topshop shoes



ASOS dial watch



When it comes to prints, it’s totally possible to rock more than one in an outfit without looking like you got dressed in the dark. (Seriously!) For this look, the striped tee is going to become your new BFF. It mixes well with busier prints, like a plaid skirt for fall, or florals in the spring! The possibilities are endless. Tie the look together with a sleeveless blazer in a solid color.

3. “Put your whites away after Labor Day”






Retro handbag



Whoever decided that we should move our whites to the back of our wardrobes until May clearly never knew the power of a snuggly white turtleneck sweater! Pairing it with white jeans proves that all white can totally work past Labor Day. To break up your monochrome look, add a camel-colored topper. Accessories like black ankle boots and a burgundy messenger bag look right at home in chilly temperatures.

4. “Never wear socks with sandals”


Suede dress






Choose your socks and sandals wisely, and wearing them together can result in a game-changing way to keep wearing your fave sandals straight into fall! The trick is to pick sandals that are on the strappier side—think cage heels or lace-up sandals. A chunky, knit sock scrunched up at the ankle is the perfect look for fall! Keep the rest of your look simple by wearing your statement footwear with a dress or skirt to show off your killer legs.

What are your favorite fashion rules to break, collegiettes?

Caroline is the Evening/Weekend Editor and Style Editor at Her Campus, a senior public relations major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a leather jacket enthusiast.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @c_pirozzolo.