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3 Ways to Make Your Razor Last Longer

Shaving your legs with a brand new razor gives the dreamiest results—if you can’t stop touching your legs, we don’t blame you. But if after a few uses that blade is getting dull, you’re probably doing something wrong. Here’s what you can do to make your razor last longer… meaning you’ll get a better shave and save money!

1. Don’t leave it in the shower

Most collegiettes probably leave their razor on the edge of the tub for easy access the next time they need it. However, leaving your razor in your shower means that it’ll be exposed to water every time anybody takes a shower, only increasing its chances of rust. Instead, leave your razor outside of the shower—by the sink, or better yet, outside of the bathroom completely! 

2. Dry it after you use it

Razors usually become dull and rust quickly when they aren’t dried after use. It may seem cumbersome at first, but it really only takes a few seconds to dry your razor—and we’d say that’s totally worth it for a flawless shave! Keep a small towel on hand after shaving to wipe the blades down, or you can eve use your blowdryer on the razor to make sure it’s completely dry! 

3. Make sure there is no hair stuck between blades

It’s important to rinse your razor thoroughly after every time you use it. Don’t leave little hairs stuck between the blades; it will only make the razor less effective the next time you shave.

What else do you do to keep your razor in good shape (and ensure a good shave)?

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