3 Ways to Dress Warm While Working Out

For those of us who like our daily workouts to take place in the great wide open, it’s hard to adjust to colder temps. But just because winter is here doesn’t mean you have to be relegated to working out in some stuffy ’ole gym. We’re helping you embrace the chill with 3 ways to dress warm while working out outdoors.

1. Warm and fuzzies


Lululemon activewear




Activewear top








You pull those fleeces and puffer vests out of your closet for everyday wear in the winter. Why not incorporate them into your workout attire? Many of your favorite brands—like Lululemon and Athleta—make activewear specifically for cold weather, so take advantage of the warmth factor by scooping up some new items for your collection.

2. Joggers, a fashionista's answer to sweats


Newsflash: leggings aren’t the only bottoms you can work out in. Fun, printed joggers give you a bit more breathing room and a more relaxed fit so you can hit your groove with ease. You’ll be extra cozy with that cocoon hoodie and double-layer hat, too.

3. Layer up













Victoria s secret



If you haven’t yet gotten acquainted with Merino wool, allow us to introduce you. This magical fabric keeps you warm while wicking sweat away from your bod. Piling tons of pieces on—that adorable sports bra and those super comfy socks included—means you can remove or add layers as needed. Genius!

How do you stay warm while working out outdoors, collegiettes?