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3 Music Festival Makeup Looks That Are Totally Inspired

This festival season, I'd like to make everyone take a vow to leave behind space buns, floral crowns, and excessive amounts of face and body glitter. We've all seen it before, so it's time to embrace new traditions and trends. 

If you want to go extra with glitter, I promise there are new non-basic ways to wear it, and I'm here to help you out. Here are my fave pieces of festival season 2019 makeup inspo, focusing on less-is-more without sacrificing any of your aesthetic. Indio weekend two is like, barely ready for these looks. 

Creative pops of color



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Adding an unpexted splash of color to your normal makeup is the easiest way to make your look festival ready, without relying too hard on cliches from the last few years of festival trends. Whether you want to focus more on your eyes or lips, this is easy to pull off because it's just an elevated version of your everyday look. 



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Berry colored lipstick with a braided pony is easy, totally chic and sweat-proof. 



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Love me a fresh take on classic winged liner.



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Matching your eye makeup to your hair? Yes, yes and yes. 

Glitter, but not how you'd expect



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Let's face it, glitter is overdone at festivals, but that doesn't mean it's going anywhere. So, the trick to wearing glitter without it looking basic is to think outside the box. Glitter to highlight the brow bone? Now that's subtle, high fashion and new.



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If you're gonna cover the bags under your eyes, do it with glitter, IMO. This is great inspiration if you want to go all-out with your makeup look.



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If you can't wear a crystal cat eye at a festival, then where can you?! 



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I swoon for a glitter lip, always.

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Stars are like glitter's cool younger cousin. Just beware of the possibillity of star-shaped tan lines on your cheeks (cause been there, done that). 



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Stars aren't limited to your makeup, and they look super cute in braids to tie your look together.



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Glitter eyeshadow with matching stars is my type of extra. 

Reece will be graduating from Assumption College in Spring 2019 with a degree in English, Mass Writing and Communications and a minor in Graphic Design. She enjoys long walks through Sephora, eating good food and spending time with her dogs!
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