3 Feminist-Approved Brands to Wear During the 2018 Women's March

So the 2018 Women’s March is tomorrow, and like most fashion-forward activists you're trying to make a powerful statement while still being cute AF. The right answer? Wear whatever the hell you want! Last year I saw women march in grungy old sweatshirts, chic feminist tees, and some even dared to go topless. Your outfit for the day doesn't matter––it only matters that you're supporting women, fighting for your rights, giving Power to the Polls. That being said, I've picked a few pieces of clothing as a recommendation, because these brands are feminist-approved and doing what they can to aid in the fight.  Here are my top three picks: 

1. Wildfang Wild Feminist Floral Tee, $40

This feminist tee is designed and sold by a company called Wildfang, who's mission statement is to break the barriers of stereotypical women’s clothing, creating an arrangement of clothes that are cute, unisex, and sold with the intention to spread equality. The best part? 10 percent of profits from this shirt above goes directly to the organization She Should Run, an organization whose focus is to get “250,000 women running for elected office by 2030.” Wear a cute top, push power to the polls. It's a double win, honestly. 

2. Feminist Apparel If It Isn't Intersectional It Isn't Feminism T-Shirt, $30

This shirt is amazing because it shows what feminism really is: equality for all. Feminist Apparel goes above and beyond to give back to their community. Not only are their clothes produced in ethical and humane ways, but you can also shop by cause. This means that you can choose from a variety of organizations to which Feminist Apparel will give 40 percent of the profits from your purchase.

3. The Outrage Power to the Polls Tee, $25

The Outrage sells politically charged clothing and accessories that are for an amazing cause. They are based around the ~outrage~ of inequality, stereotypes, and the prevalence of sexual assault. With every single purchase made, their site they will donate to one of the following organizations: Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, ACLU, 350.org, She Should Run, and the Malala Fund. Their goal is to raise $1 million for organizations that fight inequality, and being the official retailer of the Women’s March, The Outrage donates 100 percent of the profits from Women’s March items to the Women’s March. So, like, buy this right now please. 

With political activism at the forefront of many conversations, big name brands have tried to profit off of the fight for equality. We've seen some corporations advertise feminist clothing just to capitalize on the trend instead of incorporating feminist values into their brand standards. But feminism isn’t just a fad and equality isn’t a style. That’s why these amazing brands above have dedicated themselves to actually giving back to their community, and you can trust them to carry you through your 2018 Women's March day look. 

Header Image: Wildfang / Instagram