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3 Animal Makeup Looks for Halloween

Almost every Collegiette wears it (at least) once for Halloween: The Animal Costume. Cat, dog, bunny, bird mouse, bumble bee, need I list more? There are tons of animal costumes that are cute (and sexy!) that one can wear for Halloween, BUT, what’s the perfect costume, without the perfect makeup to match? Check out these 3 makeup looks so that you can complete your animal Halloween costume this year! 

1. The Black Cat

Makeup for this costume is pretty simple. All you have to do is line your upper lid and create a dramatic wing to acheive a cat-eye look. Use a waterproof eyeliner, and color the tip and front of your nose (either entirely, or in a triangle shape!). Lastly, add some whiskers to your lower cheeks and – voilá –  cat makeup to match your cat costume! 

2. Peacock or Bird

Creating makeup to match a bird costume can be a little more difficult. For starters, try to locate at least three brightly colored eye shadows – ideally a yellow, blue, and green! Then, apply the yellow shade to the inner part of your eyelid, surrounding your tear duct. Having the brightest shade at the inner most part of your eye will make your eyes look wider! Next, apply the green shadow to the inner section of your eye and blend it with the yellow. Finally, apply the blue to the outtermost part of your eye, and blend! Optional: repeat the three colors on your lower lid. Finally, using a black liquid liner (or pencil) line your upper lid, and extend the line slightly past your inner tear duct to create a beak-like shape! If you want the look to be a little more dramatic, you can line your lower lid as well, and extend that line to connect to the line on your upper lid. 

3. The Cheetah

To create a makeup look to match a cheetah costume you only need three things (in addition to the always necassary mascara!): 1) yellow eyeshadow 2) orange eyeshadow 3) black liquid eyeliner. Start by applying the yellow eyeshadow to the inner half of your eye lid. Next, blend the orange eyeshadow onto the outer half of your eyelid. Finally, creat small “C” shapes with your liquid liner around the outer part of your eye. You can extend these “spots” as much as you would like! 

Do you have any requests for Halloween makeup looks? Let us know what they are in the comments below!

Alex Horvitz is a junior at Tufts University in Boston, MA. She is double-majoring in Economics and Psychology and minoring in Communications and Media Studies. With a passion for beauty blogging, Alex is a contributing beauty blogger for Her Campus. Alex is a Co-President of Her Campus Tufts and she also worked as a Sales & Marketing Associate for Her Campus during the Summer of 2012. Email AlexHorvitz@hercampus.com with questions or connect with her on Twitter @Alex_Horvitz or LinkedIn!
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