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19 Struggles Only Pale Girls Understand

Some may think being pale is pretty, but in reality it ain’t always pretty. Seeing your own blue veins are a constant reminder of how you can never develop a tan, and sometimes avoiding light just causes damn exhaustion. Whether you take pride in your paleness or blame your genes for your lack of melanin, you are bound to relate to these 19 struggles.

1. You know that beauty [burns] come in all different shapes and sizes



2. Buying bronzer is an ordeal

3. People tend to comment you on your “tan” after breaking just a slight sweat

4. Spray tans are a nightmare

5. Prom was a very sensitive time in your life because every girl besides you sounded like this:

6. You’re sick of people assuming that being called a porcelain doll is a compliment

7. You’re haunted by your parents forcing you to wear a T-shirt at the beach as a child

8. You’ve learned to expect the unexpected when falling asleep outside…

9. You’ve learned to say no to many colors. For example: red is only acceptable during patriotic holidays and Valentine’s Day

10. You based your college decision off of not wearing those pale producing colors

11. A slight darkening of your skin = an extreme confidence boost

12. Selfies aren’t even a thing

13. You wear a permanent Halloween costume 365 days of the year

14. You can’t run, you can’t hide

15. Even when you hit the slopes in the winter…

16. Every day is a new opportunity to brand your skin with a bruise

17. You blow your savings on sunscreen every summer

18.  And your hands feel like this after applying sunscreen every 10 minutes

19. But at the end of the day…

Hailing from New Jersey, Donna is just as loving as her last name portrays her to be. She is a senior at the University of Scranton majoring in Strategic Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. She is positive that the song "Rather Be" was written about her past semester studying abroad in Australia. Donna lives for the dance floor, her three dogs and frozen yogurt. If you see her without her signature pearl earrings, just please, offer a sister some lovin. Follow her on Instagram @d0nzette & Twitter @DAmore55 !
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