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18 Things Only Shopping Addicts Understand

There’s nobody easier to sympathize with than a shopaholic. It’s hard to be a broke college student and obsessed with all things retail. If you relate to any of the following, you’re more than likely an addict yourself. That’s okay, though—let’s own it! 

1. Deciding to add four extra things to your cart when you only need one to meet the free shipping minimum

2. Having to unsubscribe from your favorite store’s emails to resist the temptation

3. Justifying your shopping habits by saying that you’re not into worse addictions

4. You freak out every time your paycheck gets direct deposited into your account

5. When you’re having a bad day you immediately grab your laptop and start online shopping

6. Crying a little every time you have to go for the knock-off instead of the brand name

7. But then you splurge when you feel like you need to treat yourself

8. Sometimes you applaud yourself for going thrifty and bargaining and justify the fact that you spent $50 more than usual

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9. You know when and where all your favorite stores’ sales are – online or in-store, you’re ready

10. The rush you get when you purchase a new item

11. You track your shipment three times a day and then freak out when you know it’s here

12. Getting packages in the mail that you forgot you ordered

13. But feeling so happy that you ordered it anyway

14. You feel so accomplished when you find an amazing deal, like you just won the lotto or something

15. You want that 15 percent off that new shoppers get, so you make a new email account

16. You spend way too much time looking for discount codes online

17. You’re always ready to do holiday and gift shopping for friends – sometimes you have it done in advance

18. You realize that you have no self-control, but who cares. 

A 20 year-old that studies Communications at San Diego State, has an overwhelming love for shoes and spends most of her time reading/writing or dancing.
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