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The 16 Stages of Growing Out Your Hair

Sometimes you just get bored looking at the same hair length on your head day after day. It's a great change when you decide to let it grow and mix things up a bit! Whatever your reason for letting your locks grow, it is universally known that growing out your hair isn't always a walk in the park. Although it can be fun to watch your hair lengthen, there will be countless interesting moments along the way.

1. You've been rocking short hair for so long that you miss the versatility of longer hair

The styling options were endless.

2. You immediately get ahead of yourself, googling all the cool styles you plan to try when your hair is long enough again

Oh, the naivety is real and thriving.

3. You quickly remember that hair actually takes months to grow

Your fantasy isn't going to turn into reality anytime soon. 

4. You realize that you're far too impatient and lazy to figure out how to master all these hairstyles 

This is partly why you cut your hair in the first place.

5. You envision your hair to look like that of a beautiful mermaid when it's done growing

Spoiler alert: it never does. 

6. A few weeks in, your optimism is still there

This process isn't so bad. You can totally do this. 

7. A few months in, your hair reaches this strange, shaggy in-between stage 

Not quite enough hair to make a ponytail when all you want to do is put your hair up.

8. You compensate for your growing frustration by including some headbands in your daily routine

Problem solved, right?

9. It turns out headbands aren't that great and just bring you headaches galore

You may look cute, but the pain isn't worth it. 

10. You try sporting hats and other accessories to make up for the failed headband plan

That plan doesn't work out either.

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11. You convince yourself that hair extensions are the way to go

Still too much effort. 

12. Dealing with split ends along the way makes you want to quit and get a bob

You long for the days of cute, short hair all over again.

13. Instead, you power through your desire to chop all your hair off and continue growing it out

And hate every second of it. 

14. Eventually, you reach a satisfying length that makes you remember why you decided to do it in the first place

It was totally worth it.

15. Someone points out how long your hair has gotten, and you've officially reached long hair status

The feeling is euphoric. Time to document this moment with selfies.

16. It's been 0.2 seconds and you already want to cut your hair again

People change their minds all the time. Who knows, you may just chop it off and start the cycle all over again.

Brianna DiPanni is a senior at Assumption College. She is currently majoring in English with a concentration in Writing and Mass Communications. She is a self proclaimed book nerd, Zumba enthusiast and shopping addict. When her nose isn't stuck under a book, Brianna also enjoys baking and spending time with her friends. After graduation, Brianna plans on pursuing a career in writing and working for a fashion magazine.
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