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I’m looking forward to yet another year of dorm life! Sure, the showers might become scalding hot when someone flushes the toilet, but college is the only time when you get to live in the same building with all of your friends, and that makes it all worth it. And even the dingiest dorm room can look so much better with some creativity and a few basic craft supplies. Whether it’s your first semester in college or the beginning of your senior year, these DIY ideas are sure to spruce up your room! 

1. Flower lights


These adorable flower lights are perfect for elevating a string of Christmas tree lights. All you need are a few colored cupcake liners and scissors. Cut the cupcake liners into flower and leaf shapes with a hole in the middle of each, and then tape or glue them to the back of the light.

2. Clothesline picture holders

twine clothespin wall art

You’re not limited to photos! Hang up notes, cards, movie ticket stubs and other paper memories to create an eclectic yet super easy display for your room! 

3. Washi tape pin board

washi tape corkboard

If you haven’t discovered washi tape yet, you’ve been missing out. It’s colorful, it comes in a bunch of fun patterns and it’s easily removable. Use it to decorate your wall, mirrors, windows or this adorable pin board!

4. Dressed-up cork board

Tropical white and yellow fabric covering a cork board

Don’t settle for a boring cork board—dress it up with fabric or paint to take it to the next level!

5. Cookie tray magnet board

IMG 8046

No need to buy an expensive magnetic board! Grab a fun, colored cookie tray from the local supermarket and stick it on the wall with a few poster stickers. Then, decorate it with colorful paper and a variety of adorable magnets.

6. Cheese grater earring holder

grater earring holder

An affordable, easy way to keep your earrings from tangling: spray paint a cheese grater and hot glue large beads to the bottom for feet!

7. Chalkboard table


Spice up a thrifted table with some chalkboard paint. Use it to jot down your creative whims, phone numbers, to-do lists or doodles! 

8. T-shirt doormat


This one takes a little more time, five to eight t-shirts and a plain plastic or rubber doormat, but the result is a cozy rug! Just cut the shirts up into strips and hot glue the strips into rows on the doormat.

9. Braided laundry basket


Another idea involving old t-shirts, but this one has a more complicated braiding pattern.

10. Colorful floor cushions


Cut strips of colorful fabric and sew them onto two large fabric circles, then stitch and fill them to make giant, comfy floor cushions.

11. Pillowcase laundry bag

Attach an embroidery hoop to a nice pillowcase for a really easy, always-open laundry bag.

12. Brick bookends

DSC 3041

Need bookends? Spray-paint a brick with gold, then decorate it with trims of lace or other fabric for a glamorous, feminine touch.

13. Mason jar supplies holder


A really easy supplies holder: take a vintage wooden picture frame and hammer nails into the top at equal intervals. Then, dangle mason jars with some twine to hold paintbrushes, scissors, and writing utensils. Can we say hipster?

14. Toothbrush holders

SQ StickOnPods TB Holder Blue with Brush

You can buy StickOnPods, or you can simply attach a plastic toothbrush travel case to the wall with glue or removable wall stick-ons.

15. Can organizer

tin can craft organizer 1

Add fun scrapbook paper to a few different sized cans for an easy, unique, and functional supplies organizer!

16. Shoebox charging strip

power up m


Keep those power cords from getting tangled in a neat little box. You’ll need a ribbon box and a power strip.