The 15 Best Halloween Costumes of 2020

2020 has been a whirlwind—to say the least. From climate crises to deadly pandemics, this year has been rough. But there are some great moments too — namely, watching Carol Baskin in Tiger King and Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion in “WAP.” 

So, celebrate this Halloween by dressing up as one of these 15 pop culture costumes, inspired by the iconic moments of a not-so-bad year. And just reminder, since not all of these might be meant for you: cultural appropriation in costumes is never okay. Don’t let the dark moments of 2020 let you forget that. 

1. RBG (Ruth Bater Ginsburg) 

What better way to honor the late RBG than dress up as her for Halloween? Buy a wig, glasses, and a black court dress at your local Halloween store, and you’re all set. 

2. Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey

Want to channel your inner villain this Halloween? Pull your hair into two ponytails (red and blue hair is a must), wear deep red lipstick, and dress up in a sheer top and suspenders. You'll officially become the lovely Harley Quinn. 

3. The Kardashian Family

Say goodbye to Keeping Up With the Kardashians by dressing up as a Kardashian this Halloween. With a group of friends, pick your desired sister and choose one of their iconic outfits from the show. 

4. Maddy from Euphoria 

Euphoria Zendaya Dancing Giphy

Channel your inner bad girl by wearing graphic liner, dark eyeshadow and rhinestones to become Maddy from Euphoria. 

5. Moira Rose from Shitt’s Creek 

Go big or go home this Halloween by dressing us the iconic Moira Rose from Shitt’s Creek. Find a shiny faux leather jacket and wear it a white button down and a feathered skirt. Don’t forget the over-the-top accessories too. 

6. The Umbrella Academy 

The Hargreaves family, their school outfits, and their iconic eye masks are the perfect get-ups for you and your friends. Borrow your high school uniform and remake their masks with construction paper and glue — and there you have it, you’re officially a Hargreave. 

7. Rob from High Fidelity 

An unbuttoned Hawaiin shirt, white crop top, high waisted pants, and chunky black boots will recreate one of Rob’s iconic looks from Hulu’s High Fidelity. You can even find each piece at your local thrift store. 

8. TikTok 

This social media app took quarantine by storm, so what better way to celebrate Halloween by dressing up as it? Instead of buying $20 TikTok merch from Amazon, print out their logos and paste it on a black hoodie for free. 

9. AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)

What better way to show that b*tches get stuff done by dressing up as the iconic AOC? All you need is a power suit and red lipstick. 

10. Billie Eilish 

Bust out your eyeliner, streetwear and neon hair dye to go full Billie Eilish. Don’t forget the long nails too. 

11. Katara from Avatar The Last Airbender 

Dress up in all blue and pick your favorite black choker, and you’ll become a waterbender overnight. 

12. Beyoncé in “Black is King” 

Earlier this summer, Queen B blessed the world with her visual album Black is King. Recreate one of her glam outfits by wearing a leopard-print bodysuit, black pumps, sparkly sunglasses and a black belt to finish it off. 

13. Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion in “WAP”

Cardi Okurrrr Giphy

This iconic music video is begging to be recreated this Halloween. With an abundance of collaborative spicy ensembles to choose from, what's stopping you from showing your inner freak? 

14. Carol Baskin from Tiger King

Recreate this pop culture sensation by wearing a loose floral shirt and a flower crown. 

15. Outer Banks 

Ready to go Pogue? Bring out your beachwear (sunglasses, flip flops, and t-shirts) and you’re ready to get down and dirty to find some hidden treasure.