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13 of the Prettiest Pink Hair Colors to Try This Summer

Here at Her Campus, we believe in pink. From timeless to trendy shades, the color’s always been a hit, and in honor of the classic hue, June 23 celebrates National Pink Day. 

You’ve mastered pink in all other forms—monochrome outfits, trendy nails, and the perfect shade of blush—why not try something a little more adventurous? Colored hair is totally chic and completely in this season, and unlike other risky shades, we can promise that your adored and trusted tint won’t let you down. 

1. Highlights

If you’re nervous to go fully dyed, highlights are a lovely way to add a subtle hue. These soft salmon streaks almost look natural, and they beautifully compliment dusty brown hair.

2. Chalk

Muted and totally temporary, pink hair chalk (get it in this 5-pack from Free People for $14!) is the perfect way to achieve a festival-ready look in seconds. Feel free to test a multitude of tones and just wash it out when you’re done!

3. Dip-Dye

Another option for a mildly-colored mane, the dip-dye trend is far from over. Take a dip in any pink shade for a colorful twist on your natural hair. Best of all, a simple trim will rid you of your tint as soon as you’re ready for a change!

4. Natural to Pink Ombré 

An upgrade from dip-dye, an ombré look again allows you to embrace your natural shade while adding a bit of fuchsia-infused flair. Try a single shade, or mix and match different hues for a more complex color transition. Need some inspiration? Violets look lovely when paired with pinks.

5. Pink to Pink Ombré

If you’re ready to go full out, begin with a lighter shade and slowly progress to something brighter as you travel down your strands. We adore this pinkish plum, which begins soft and ends strong.

6. Rose Gold

The shiny, subtle shade, embraced by the likes of Blake Lively and the Olsen twins, looks so seamless that it can almost be mistaken for a natural hue. Perfect for those with golden or copper locks, adding this pretty tint makes your natural color pop, working like a highlighter for your hair.

7. Ruby

This unique shade, known as Thulian Pink, has an air of elegance. Reminiscent of something royal, it’s truly breathtaking and perfectly uncommon for anyone aiming to trendset

8. Peach

Such a toned-down tint is perfect for a subtle surprise. It’s so close to a natural strawberry blonde that it doesn’t risk looking artificial.

9. Pastel

The beauty world is raving over the two newest color trends—pretty pastels and sultry silvers. Combine both for a classy colored look that’s dim enough for an office but still made for a street style shoot. 

10. Bubblegum

Channel your inner Barbie by opting for a more subdued version of the doll’s favorite hue. The blush shade is light and summery, and will go perfectly with your summer whites and pastels.

11. Neon

Go grunge with hot pink while you’re still young enough to rock it! No regrets, right?

12. Streaks

If your head’s a little darker, red-infused shades are the way to go. Try coral, crimson, and even tomato!

13. Magenta

Combine magenta, fuchsia, and orchid tones for a bright and bold look. These shades are absolutely gorgeous, and it’s refreshing to see them slapped onto strands.

As always, we recommend going to a professional for the more advanced looks, but if you’re digging something DIY, dip-dyes and chalks can achieve that perfect pink you’re craving.

Which shade has inspired your next look?

Emily Platt is a former National Contributing Writer, Beauty Editor, Career Editor, and Editorial Intern for Her Campus. She studied at Vassar College and held additional internships at Cosmopolitan.com and MarthaStewartWeddings.com. Emily loves emojis, Beach Body workouts, and her cats. She takes pride in her single mysteriously-white eyelash.
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