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12 Edgy Ways to Style Your Pixie Cut

Short hair, especially pixie cuts, are so fashionable. You think short hair will be easy—until you’re having one of those days when all you want is to pull your hair into a messy top knot and call it a day. Styling hair can be such a major pain, especially when you have no idea what to do with it! Maybe you’ve been sporting the pixie cut for years but you’re looking for new ways to style it for an event or just for everyday. Or maybe, you’ve just made the big chop and are wondering what you can do with just a few inches of hair. Whatever the case, we’ve gathered some pixie cuts that are sure to shake up your everyday style.

1. Glam curls

Spruce up your pixie cut by curling the front section to the side with either a curling wand or rollers. With the rollers, it’s so easy to pop them in the night before and take them out in the morning. Simple with amazing results? We’re sold.

2. Layered bangs

The tapered bangs and the slight layers give the style a multi-dimensional look that works for lots of face shapes and styles. If you’re shopping around for new way to cut your hair, this one would be perfect and lends itself to lots of other styles.

3. Blown out

With a bit of gel, spike your ends up and smooth your sides down. Use a round brush and a blowdrier to get those soft strands and achieve the pushed-back look in the front.

4. Dark roots

Like your style but need to spruce it up? The “grown out” hair color look for a pixie is very attractive. Don’t try it at home though—definitely opt for professional help when you’re making dramatic hair color changes, no matter what your length!

5. Edgy shave

Who said undercuts weren’t for pixie cuts? Be edgy. Worst case scenario? It grows out quickly to give a nice tapered look.

6. Roaring ’20s

If you have extra time on your hands, definitely try this vintage look! Use a smaller wand or pin rollers on your hair to set the shape before pinning the curls. Set with some hairspray and then remove the pins!

7. Creative cut

Feeling adventurous? Head over to your local barber shop to get a creatively shaped pixie cut like this one—it’ll be your new signature look!

8. Totally natural

You can also rock cool pixie styles with your natural hair. Here’s proof.

9. French braids

Braided styles are always in. The braid is a fun statement for your hair that can be done in minutes.

10. Short and sweet

Crew cuts aren’t just for guys!

11. High and mighty

The pompadour has never looked so good. Get your round brushes, blowdryers, and gel or hairspray out. While drying, use some mousse and make sure to brush up and use your hands to push it back. Use some hairspray to keep it rockin’ all day long. 

12. Elegant part

The pushed-back and sleek look is extremely elegant and great for formal events. 

How do you style your pixie cuts?

Elodie is currently enrolled at Duke University, Class of 2016. She is involved in her sorority, Chi Omega, Bench & Bar, GlobeMed, and Students of the Caribbean Association. She is pre-law and studying Political Science with certificates in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) and a minor in Sociology. As one of our Beauty School bloggers, she is fairly obsessed with all things makeup and cosmetics. When she's not running debt on clothes and makeup, you can usually find her out and about, exploring whatever town she is in or watching Netflix cuddled with a mug of hot chocolate. Currently, her favorite show is "Hawaii Five-O". She aspires to be the next Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating rolled into one, but with a stable marriage and children. Her life will be complete once Buzzfeed creates an article titled "X Reasons why We Love Elodie". Elodie loves talking and responds to all of her emails. She would love to hear from you! You can contact her at: Email: [email protected] Twitter/Instagram: @GetElodofThis_ Blog: http://getelodofme.blogspot.com
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