11 Halloween Costumes for Girls Who Are Lazy AF

For all those lazy collegiettes out there, Halloween can be stressful AF! Having to designate a chunk of time to think of—and create—a costume is just too much sometimes, especially on top of homework, extracurriculars, your part-time job and your social life. So, what do you do if you need a quick costume? Look no further. Read below for 11 costumes that are easy to execute and require little-to-no spending.  

1. A '50s housewife

Rock your mom's pearls and a kitchen apron, and call it a day!

2. Thief

Don your go-to pair of black pants, some black boots, a black-and-white striped shirt, a black beanie, and some dark makeup.

3. A ghost

Literally, rock a big white tee as a dress, draw on (or cut out) some eyes and a mouth, and get spooking. PSA: Swap out the white shirt for an orange shirt and you become a pumpkin! 

4. A member of KISS

Wear a rock 'n' roll tee with some fishnets and black boots! If you're feeling ambitious, have fun with your makeup. 

5. Regina George

All you really need is a cheap white tank and a colorful bra. 

6. A zombie

Cut up a white tee and trash it with some fake blood. 

7. Three Blind Mice

Get yourself some sunglasses and mouse ears—and DONE! 

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8. Retro fitness girl

Rock your favorite pair of colorful leggings with some leg warmers and sneakers! Hair scrunchy = necessary. 

9. Scarecrow

This one's all about your favorite flannel and some creative makeup.

10. Meredith Grey 

Honestly, all you need is a pair of scrubs—oh, and a stethoscope if you're feeling bold.

11. Risky Business

Oversized collared shirts and messy hair. How much simpler can it get?