10 Prime Day Style Deals To Add to Your Cart Last Minute

At this point, Amazon Prime Day is the only relevant unofficial-but-totally-official holiday. Just when you’re getting ready to update your wardrobe, Prime Day savings can help you save on your clothing overhaul. Sure, you could scour through the dozens of pages of Prime Day deals, but here are a few of our favorite fashion-forward deals that might be worthy of a cart add.

1. Regna X Women Racerback Sports Bras ($9.96 - $24.99)

Cute, but simple sports bras should be a college fashionista’s athleisure staple at this point. Unless you don’t wear a bra at all, and we feel you. (If you need a budget-friendly bra that could be fitted to a crop top, then we got you.)

2. Sakkas Asma Convertible Adjustable Strap Maxi Skirt ($31.99)

Why shouldn’t you add a maxi skirt-dress hybrid to your clothing artillery? Shouldn’t you get the most of your discounted dresses, anyway? Plus, this dress-skirt shapeshifter incorporates a gorgeously vibrant wax print pattern.

3. Straight Pants Stretch Slim ($29.99 - $32.99)

Whether you need to put on pants for work or your roommates are heckling you for wearing your bathrobe all day, you (unfortunately) need to put on pants at some point.

4. Long Sleeve Soft PJ Set ($26.99 - $35.99)

Or you could just opt to wear pajamas all day. After all, the celebrities do it and you’re a celeb in your own mind—so you might as well start dressing like one.

5. Dasior Women’s Boyfriend Denim Jackets ($32.99)

Denim jackets have become synonymous with inter-seasonal style, because denim jackets and leather jackets are the only reason to wear a jacket in the summer months. (IMO, denim jackets are worth the extra sweat. Because sweat pain is fashion.)

6. Canvas Backpack Purse ($18.19 - $42.99)

More iconic crossovers. Well, it’s not exactly a crossover bag, but it is a convertible backpack and a purse all in one fashionable pouch. You can carry your overpriced textbooks with convenience and without sacrificing your personal style brand. Carrie Bradshaw would be proud.

7. Rose Vila Corgi Dog Necklace ($11.84)

If you don’t like corgis, then we don’t like you. (We’re not sorry.) But seriously, the simplicity behind this pupper-inspired design is already an ever-green in our jewelry drawer.

8. Airwalk Women’s Legacee Sneaker ($19.99 – $29.99)

Maybe you legitimately need new shoes, or you just need an excuse to order some need kicks. Regardless, plain sneakers are the ultimate customizable shoe trend. After all, you can pay your artistic friend to doodle on your heel. Just don’t pay them with exposure. (Seriously, nobody can survive on exposure, so pay up.)

9. Disney Mickey Mouse Women Cartoon Cell Shoulder Bag ($28.99)

You need an overt to show the literal globe that you are a hardcore Disney stan. And what better way than to actually carry Disney on your shoulder?

10. Women’s Casual Chiffon Blouse ($15.99 - $19.99)

Regardless of your style preference, you’re probably drawn to chiffon tops and chiffon in general. After all, chiffon is an extremely lightweight material which makes it effortless to layer—and therefore, easy to dress-up, dress-down or dress-sideways (which is when you’re late to work but your office isn’t business casual enough to negate sleepwear).

From chiffon to yoga pants, there are a ton of Amazon Prime Day deals currently available (with more on the way).