4 Sex & Relationship Podcasts You Need to Add to Your Playlist

I was fortunate in my education to have had a formal sexual education course. To many people who haven’t had the opportunity to learn about sex, sex can be a very scary and daunting experience to hear about or experience. It is a high form of physical intimacy that requires a lot of trust when performed, but without someone to walk you through what sex is like or how sexual experiences can vary, it can be easy to feel lost or clueless about it.

However, even without a formal education, podcasts are a great resource that can provide you with some laughs and some heartfelt insight into different sexual experiences. Here are four of my favorite podcasts that can hopefully provide a little more enlightenment on the touchy subject of sex. 

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  1. 1. Doing It! with Hannah Witton

    Hannah Witton’s podcast, Doing It!, is one of my favorites because her experiences and perspectives on sex are so unique and real. Witton herself has a stoma, which is an opening in your abdomen that allows waste to exit your body, rather than going through your digestive system, and she explores her sexuality as someone with this condition. Her guests are also great as they are all super body-positive, fun, and all very empowering.

    My favorite episode is "Censorship and Culturally Specific Sex Ed with Rayka Kumru." It was really interesting to hear about how different countries value or lack in sexual education and the efforts people such as Rayka Kumru go through to promote more research into sexual education for more conservative countries. This podcast is definitely super informative as well as entertaining.

    Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts.

  2. 2. Cry Baby

    I have the pleasure of being friends with this podcaster, Devyn Lara, and have been in love with her podcast Cry Baby. I know Lara as someone very outspoken, insightful, unfiltered in the best way possible and that reflects in all of her podcast episodes. She is extremely candid in her recollections of her experiences with sex and relationships including candid conversations with her exes and interviews with friends about educating partners about serious topics such as toxic masculinity, BLM, and how religion plays a huge factor into our relationships.

    When I spoke with Lara about her podcast, she stated she became very passionate about discussing sex and relationships due to her very conservative family’s religious background and the lack of access she had to information about sexuality and physical intimacy. Due to her familial restrictions and lack of sex education, she actively sought out resources to educate herself. She found that through her experiences, she could inform others about these taboo topics that no one in her immediate circle would ever discuss with her. Thus, Cry Baby was created.

    My favorite episode is "Virgins and Toxic Masculinity," where she interviews her first boyfriend about their experience in their intimate relationship with each other and how their different cultural and religious backgrounds have influenced their views on love, sex and relationships. Her episodes are extremely funny and interesting, so I highly suggest listening.

    Listen on: Spotify.

  3. 3. Let’s Talk About It with Taylor Nolan

    If you recognize the name and the face from The Bachelor, Taylor Nolan has gone from reality television contestant to sex educator with her podcast Let’s Talk About It. What’s great about Let’s Talk About It is Nolan’s ability to discuss mental and physical health in relation to sex and relationships and her open talks with celebrities about these topics. She brings to the podcast a very open perspective with her discussions about porn, sex clubs and other rather “taboo” sex-related topics with sexperts and celebrities, making it a fun podcast to listen to for some actual expert advice.

    The episode that stands out to me the most is "That One Time I Had Sex with Emily," where Nolan sits down with Dr. Emily Morse, host of another sex-related podcast called Sex with Emily. The two discuss personal stories about masturbation, orgasms, and how to form a deeper connection with a partner and/or with yourself.

    Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Let’s Talk About It.

  4. 4. The Sexually Liberated Woman

    The title of this podcast truly speaks for itself. Ev’Yan Whitney, the podcaster and a self-proclaimed sexually liberated woman, teaches you how to become a sexually liberated woman. She is both a sex educator and a doula, making her well versed in the realm of journeys of sexuality. Her podcast is great in that she teaches listeners ways to become more comfortable in their own bodies and with their sexual identities. Her guidance is amazing and her words can truly help you to evaluate your own sexual journey and push past any fear, shame or trauma associated with sex and relationships you may be facing. It’s a great podcast for those who just need someone to guide them through their individual journeys of sexuality.

    I personally loved the episode about "Shame-Free Masturbation," as masturbation is definitely one topic that many people no matter their gender might feel torn about. I loved the way Whitney went about discussing on how to not feel ashamed about it and learn to enjoy and embrace self-pleasure. 

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Sex and relationships are two touchy subjects that can be difficult to navigate and understand especially if you don’t have a good support system. Podcasts have truly become a valuable source for information and guidance and having them for sexual education are great tools for those who need someone to guide them through the world that is sex, relationships and sexual relationships as a whole. There are tons of other podcasts related to sex and relationships, but hopefully these provide a stepping stone for you in exploring different mediums for sex education and perspectives on sex and relationships in general. Happy listening!