Do You Love Arms or Abs? Shoulders or Back? Which Body Parts Really Turn Us On

Everyone knows the classic debate constantly battled throughout male college dorm rooms: “Are you a boobs or butt guy?” Guys definitely have their preferences when it comes down to choosing between a woman with a Jennifer Lopez-sized backside or one with a Jessica Simpson-sized chest, but do girls have the same kind of passion for male body parts?
In a survey of over one hundred anonymous college women across the country, things got pretty steamy as they described the parts of the male body they love to see on a guy.
Check out the top physical characteristics in a guy that really turn us on – and enjoy the shameless man candy:

1. Arms

It’s no surprise that toned arms were the number one most desirable characteristic in a guy. While just about everyone emphasized that they didn’t like arms that were “too big,” “beefy,” or “over-the-top guido [?]… that’s just nasty,” it was clear that biceps that have just the right amount of muscle and lean, toned forearms really get us going. 
Several commenters described how toned arms make them think of all the things they can do with them: “When a guy's got a great upper body i just imagine him wrapping me up in those arms and...yum.”
“If a guy looks like he could pick me up and pin me against the wall.”
“A nice strong hug is always comforting!”

2. Back 
Coming in at number two, seeing a strong back is definitely a huge turn-on for most girls.
“Back muscles. They are sometimes completely neglected (you don't get to see them very often) but I think that might be why I like them. A guy with a great back (muscular shoulders, not hairy, lean) is such a turn-on.”
“I know it's not often that you see a guy's back, but if he's shirtless or in a bathing suit and I get a glimpse, I go crazy - something about a strong back is so manly to me! It makes me want to give him a massage”
“The whole torso is what really does it for me, but the back is key. I love when a guy has a muscular back (nothing ridiculously beefy though) and it has that perfect triangular shape to it.”
“Back - if they have a nice, sculpted back, it's a huge turn-on for me. I don't mean tons of muscle, but a back that looks like you take care of yourself and is lean, it's really hot!”
“Upper back. muscular but lean. really nice shoulders and upper back is soooo hot. something you can grab onto when you' know”

3. Eyes

With nice eyes coming in at number three, it’s not necessarily all about hitting the gym and staying in shape. In my opinion, nothing is sexier than catching the gaze of a guy from across the room. Most girls said they preferred guys with green eyes, so it seems the perception that blue eyes are the sexiest eye color on a man is just an urban legend.