20 Dates Guys Actually Want to Go On

We hear it all the time: guys want us to take the lead. And, collegiettes, don’t count choosing whether he buys Lime or Fruit Punch Gatorade as the end of your ring leader role.  Surprise him with something bigger. Whether it’s your first date with a new guy, or your weekly Tuesday dinner, take it up a notch and make the plans.
Even if you already do the choosing, you still want him to enjoy the date, right?  Her Campus can help you out. We’re here to help get those creative juices flowing! We’ve asked 20 college guys and recent grads what their date of choice would be if they could pick any activity. In typical guy fashion they came up with a few out-there answers (Richard Branson’s island, anyone?). Steal some inspiration from their ideas, grab your guy, and go on a date!
Here’s the quick breakdown of the number-one date guys say they’d want to go on:

The classics

These tried-and-true ways, the ones we see in movies or read about in books, are popular for a reason. They may be the simplest dates to plan, but if you’re looking for a low-key way to enjoy your guy’s company, check out one of the ideas from the boys below.
“I’d want to go to the beach. It’s romantic, beautiful, and economical. After, we’d also do dinner on the beach,” Jake, 20, The University of Oklahoma
“Eating dinner out, or even cooking dinner together when you know each other well enough,” Casey, 20, Clark University
“I like long walks on the beaches. Perhaps some vino tinto y queso [red wine and cheese]?” Adam, 22, Syracuse University
“I’d keep it casual. Grabbing dinner and going for a walk at night; preferably in a place with a good scene like a beach, park, or city,” Maxwell, 18
“I’d do dinner and then a movie, because it’s not a one-on-one environment. It’s more casual and comfortable,” Donald, 21, Virginia Commonwealth University
“My first date would most likely be a home-cooked dinner and either a horror or feel-good movie after. Who doesn't like a guy who can cook a damn good meal and hold a conversation?” Greg, 20, Syracuse University
“I’d want to go out to a bar or party and just have a good time. It helps you let loose and just be yourself,” Matt, 18
“I’d say a nice dinner and then do something where we can talk after,” Charlie, 20, Syracuse University