10 Ways To Get a Guy to Notice You (Without Being Too Obvious!)

You make the walk, find your seat, and pull out your notebook or laptop before lecture starts. You take in your atmosphere and… you do a double take. Sitting just a few rows away from you is quite possibly the cutest of all Campus Cuties. This class just got a little more interesting. Lucky for you, it’s only the beginning of the semester. You have a few months to find some gumption and make it happen with this guy.


But by now you may be wondering: “Yeah, I’ve got time, but how on Earth do I get his attention without looking like a crazy person?” No worries, collegiettes. We have ten ways for you to catch his eye and make him wonder why he’s never noticed you before!

1. Pick a Strategic Location

Let’s be honest – the whole “admiring him from afar” thing will get you nowhere! And as sweaty as your palms may get at the idea of sitting next to this guy during your next class, it’s definitely worth a try. Chances are you were sitting fairly close when you first spotted him, so moving a few seats over for “a better view of the PowerPoint slides” won’t be obvious.

2. Dress to Impress

Before he can fall in love with your incredible personality, he is going to notice your appearance. No, this doesn’t mean you need to spend an extra hour in front of the mirror everyday, but a little extra effort can go a long way. Give your sweatpants a break for awhile and run a brush through your hair – quick fixes that won’t require much more effort! Looking put-together and ready to tackle your day will be noticed – and it will give you a boost of confidence going into class when you know you’re looking good!

Think of it in the same way you’d think of a big event. You’re willing to put time in then to look your best so that you will feel your best too. “No one is going to make a great impression if they’re feeling self-conscious,” says Carly from the University of Kansas. “I would treat this situation the same as I would if it were an interview – you’re probably going to be a little nervous and you don’t want to add more things to worry about into the equation.”

3. Wear Team Apparel

This wouldn’t apply to every guy, but it’s safe to say that a lot of guys are into sports, and possibly, you are too! If you own a shirt or cap that proudly shows off your favorite team, it may be just what he needs to break the ice. “If the girl wears some sort of sports attire, that definitely would give off an easy way for me to break the ice and start conversation,” says Andrew from San Francisco State. “Guys love sports, so if a girl can wear something that shows off what team she likes, it’s probably a team that is from where she’s from, and bam you are talking about hometowns and sports. At least for me, I’m a sports nut, so definitely wear a ball cap or sports t-shirt or something.” Luckily, this same logic can apply to more than just sports. Wearing something that flaunts the place you grew up, the organizations you participate in, or the music you like will give him a clue about how to approach you!

4. Answer Questions in Class

Showing off your knowledge of chemistry might be just the thing that creates chemistry between you and the hottie two seats down. In lecture students generally keep their eyes on whoever is talking (if they’re paying attention). If you’re in a big class, answering a question in class will make him notice you among the sea of hundreds of students. According to Cliff from Arizona State University, “Guys love a girl who’s intelligent, motivated, and confident, and speaking up in class displays all three.” And who knows? One right answer could have him going to you the next time he needs some help.

5. Start a Study Group

Why not make test time something you don’t dread as much? Starting a study group sets you up with a perfect environment for flirting and success as long as you are able to focus on actually studying too (he’s not worth failing a class for!).You get an excuse to hang out without having to make a move or be one-on-one right away. Not to mention, by the end of the class, you take away a good grade and some quality time with your crush. Isn’t it always nice to kill two birds with one stone? We suggest you don’t invite him right away and start with people you know. That way, you won’t end up in a situation where you invited him to a study group, nobody else shows up and you end up looking like you made it up. It’s also important to find a quiet/not crowded place so that there is plenty of easy opportunity to have a conversation!