8 Campus Cuties Who Can Serenade You

Name: CJ Shepard

School: Emory

Today, we are proud to announce that, based on a popular vote, Emory Junior CJ Shepard has been named the Cutest Cutie.

In addition to his undeniable good looks, this music major has a voice that makes us weak in the knees and always wanting more. Luckily, from AdHoc’s run of Spring Awakening (this weekend), to No Strings Attached acapella performances, we have plenty of opportunities to witness the powerhouse vocals of this cutie!

Like what you’ve heard so far? Keep reading to get to know all about CJ!

Her Campus Emory (HCE): How do you feel about wining first place in our campus cutie competition?

CJ Shepard (CJS): At first confused because I didn’t know that there was a competition going on. But I also feel cool I guess, it’s kind of fun.

HCE: Name a few personal qualities that you think may have contributed to this big win.

CJS: Without sounding narcissistic of course, I guess I’m kind of extroverted, I know a lot of people on campus. I’m pretty bubbly and a positive person, so maybe that leaves an impression on people. I try to look nice most of the time, but there are those days...

HCE: What’s one on-campus accomplishment (aside from being named Campus Cutie) that you are especially proud of?

CJS: Being elected as president of No Strings Attached. It’s been really challenging. We have a lot of gigs and it’s a lot of work to coordinate everyone’s schedules. I got to plan our spring break trip to Italy last year. It was so much work but so worth it. It was a great life experience.

HCE: What else are you involved in on campus?

CJS: No Strings Attached, AdHoc’s production of Spring Awakening (I was in AdHoc’s production of Edges too), concert choir, and Emory University Master Singers. I’m double majoring in music and environmental science, and I work at Cox Hall Computing Center.

HCE: Where’s your favorite place to study? And your favorite place to go out?

CJS: Cox Hall, even when I’m not working. It’s so chill. I get too distracted in the library and talk to too many people. I do a lot of my work at my apartment or at Starbucks, too.

Church Bar in Midtown. It’s two levels, and upstairs there’s billiards and darts, a place to dance, big bars, and tables. It’s fun if you go out with a group of people. No obnoxious college people, which is a nice relief from Maggie’s.

HCE: Tell us something that people don’t know about you.

CJS: I’m a vegetarian. I became a vegetarian sophomore year of high school. I was in Students for Democratic Society. We watched this video about processed meat and I was just repulsed. I later learned about environmental reasons for being a vegetarian, too. I’ve always loved animals.

HCE: What are you most excited for this school year?

CJS: Spring Awakening was a big part of this semester. I’m also really excited for our final acapella concert in December. (Editor’s note: see ya there!)

HCE: Describe your first kiss in three words.

CJS: Awkward, wet, passionate (trying to be).

HCE: What girl fashion trend confuses you most?

CJS: Uggs. I just think they look stupid. Very ugly. They make you look really weird.

HCE: What girly movie do you secretly love?

CJS: Devil Wears Prada.

HCE: If you could trade places with any one in the world for a day, who would it be?

CJS: Stevie Wonder. He’s an amazing musician, and he’s blind. I can’t even imagine living a day as a blind person. It would be a very enlightening experience.

HCE: What’s the last song you listened to on your ipod?

CJS: “Hold On I’m Coming” by the Temptations.


Check out CJ in his final performances of Spring Awakening this weekend, and don’t miss the end of semester No Strings Attached concert Sunday December 9 at 9 pm in White Hall 208!