Campus Cutie: Will Norman

             Valentines day. The thought alone elicits in me a certain gag reflex every February. The chocolate, the teddy bears, the red, pink, and glitter…all sold to men looking to woo his lady on the 14thI am not wooed. Love knows no bounds, so why have we bound it to certain day?

            If anyone were to know this concept, it would be this week’s campus cutie: Will Norman. Just recently a dating man, this cutie lights up at the very mention of his valentine’s that’s more like it ladies.

            Will Norman is a Sophomore studying Biology at, the one and only, UNI. As a chiropractor hopeful—Norman has the potential for many years left in school. With that said, this week’s cutie hopes to be done with college, married, raising a [happy] family, and in a secure job within the next ten years.

            Will trumps from the itty town of Center Point, which he, his parents, and older sister have come to call home. In high school, this cutie participated in nearly every sport, was involved in music, and played the guitar. Clearly, a well-developed man, I find it perfectly acceptable for you to be swooning at present.

            At first glance, one might not recognize the true Will for who he is. His tattoos, billed hat, and muscles may cause you to look past the fact that he is a self-taught guitarist, chick-flick-loving, romantic. “People can think what they want,” Will stated when talking about who he is. Regardless of what people think, Norman admits that he will always be himself. Embarrassing moments? Not for this guy.

            Personally, I believe myself to have no shame, like our cutie. Dropping a pair of underwear in the laundry room…eh. No biggy. “Grand Falls” on the ice? Laugh it off, and loudly. But, really? Being completely, and totally, yourself around all those that you meet? Seems like a new thing.
Genuity. It’s something that we all wish to attain, but throw away the second we feel uncomfortable in a large group of people. We act crazier, or more subdued, intellectual, or even dumbed-down, in efforts to fit in with our surroundings—or worse, to be liked. Norman reflected, “My sister taught me to always be myself, she’s been discriminated against her whole life as a practicing homosexual.” And for that reason ladies, Will is himself regardless of where he is or whom he’s around.

And one of the things this cutie is, is romantic. Aside from the usual Valentine’s Day dinner or chocolate boxes, Will intends to take his valentine, Miss Nikki Caquelin, out for a date. Will’s idea of a perfect date involves being active: ice skating, bowling, or maybe even a long stay at this cutie’s favorite “hot spot” in town, Cup of Joe. It appears to me Nikki has one amazing February planned. Says Norman of his valentine, “I found an amazing girlfriend.”

As a romantic it comes as no surprise that this cutie finds the guy-to-girl ratio one of the best parts of UNI. Though it may seem to have worked in his favor, many of us girls find the ratio to be one of the only downfalls of our lovely school. However funny Will’s response to his favorite part of UNI was, he is taking his education here rather seriously.

 Upon coming to college, Norman would describe himself as responsible, “I am doing this [education] for myself “ and in order to do it right, this cutie is focusing hard on his books. His hard work has been paying off, as he was just recently featured on UNI’s fall dean’s list—one of his proudest moments as a student here.

Don’t get me wrong ladies, there’s more to this guy than studies.  As a music fanatic, Will has made a spot for himself as one of the many studly members to our UNI Glee Club. (If you have been to one of their shows, you know what I mean by studly). Music is a huge part of this cutie’s life—all the way from singing into a mic, playing it into his ear buds, or rocking out on his guitar, “music is life” for Mr. Norman, or so his tattoo reads.

So, there you have it. A romantic cutie, that has an edgy side, a musical side, and a genuine spirit to lead us into one of the most romantic, or perhaps overrated, holiday seasons of the year. However you choose to look at this February 14th, I wish you a good one. It doesn’t matter if it’s spent with a valentine, a friend, or even family. As long as you’re surrounded by people you love, you are likely to enjoy even the red and pink streamers that grace every eatery in town.