7 Adorable Date Ideas That Are Perfect for Colder Weather

Winter is fast approaching, and you’re excited to participate in seasonal activities with your significant other — who can blame you? Autumn and winter are famously known as “cuffing season.” 

Still, the pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down. That might put a damper on your usual autumnal plans, but worry not! There are still plenty of ways to enjoy the season change with your boo, you might just need to think with a bit more creative flair. Though your comfort level and the safety guidelines of your area may vary, take inspiration from these fall date ideas and tailor them to fit you and your S.O.

  1. 1. Make homemade candles

    lit candles at home

    Channel your inner Martha Stewart! Fashioning your very own scented candles is a fantastic opportunity to create a scent that captures the essence of autumn as you know it. It’s also a cute way to create a tangible fall memory together. Every time you light the candle, you’ll be reminded of your S.O. and the cozy night you spent in each other’s company. To keep this safe, you can totally just purchase a DIY kit online.

  2. 2. Bake your favorites

    apple pie

    One of the best things about this season is definitely the associated flavors — pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, maple sugar, chai and more. There’s a ton of yummy baked goods you and your S.O. can make together, from the classic pumpkin pie to apple crisp cheesecakes and chai sugar cookies.

    As an added bonus, if you’re comfortable, try looking to see if you two can safely go pick your own produce. Regardless, even if neither of you’re particularly gifted in the culinary arts, you can’t really go wrong with cookies. Just don’t eat all the batter!

  3. 3. Watch a movie outdoors

    turned on LED movie projector

    Everyone loves a good movie night beneath the stars! Just take your laptop to your backyard, rooftop, or wherever there is a nice private space outside and set up a comfy area with plenty of blankets and pillows — bring a sweater or jacket so you don't get cold! Make sure that you bring some snacks: popcorn, candy corn, whatever it is that you and your SO love. You have the freedom to choose whatever kind of movie you two like, whether that be horror or rom coms. Happy snuggling!

  4. 4. Have a paint and cider night

    art watercolor painting

    If you’re a fan of wine-and-paint nights, fall is the perfect time to switch it up a little and try a beverage that is perfectly in season. Simply locate a nearby cidery and pick up a hot spiked, mulled cider that piques your interest. From there, it’s just a matter of getting painting materials, lighting some nice scented candles (possibly your homemade ones), and pulling up an easy tutorial. Happy painting!

  5. 5. Arrange a picnic in the park

    Though it may be getting a bit chilly, that’s not a problem if you plan ahead with extra cozy blankets and clothing. Snag some foldable chairs and a nice picnic blanket and head over to your local park, preferably one with a pleasant view — there is something lovely about watching the colored leaves fall down from the trees, especially with someone beloved. Just be sure to bring masks and settle down at a spot that is safely distanced from any other park goers.

    Most importantly, don’t forget your food. Now is a good time to consider using that thermos you have; think of hot cocoa or even your favorite hot soup!

  6. 6. Plan a hike or a bike ride

    couple on a hike

    For you outdoorsy folks, hiking is a great option to consider, especially in the cooler months. Do a little research and map out a trail that neither of you have been to before. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the autumn views, maybe get a few Instagram-worthy photos. If you two are up for it, try going to a viewpoint around sunset or sunrise. It’ll be worth it.

  7. 7. Go stargazing

    couple stargazing

    This one is perfect if you have a truck — and if not, see if you can borrow someone else’s for a night. Spruce up the bed of the truck with plenty of blankets and pillows, prep your Bluetooth speaker, bring a thermos full of hot cider and head out to a dark area where you can stop and watch the stars together. If not, open your car’s trunk and sit there, or maybe even chance sitting on the trunk itself.

    Have an SUV? Pop that trunk open and cozy it up with blankets. If you’re lucky, you might get to see a shooting star. Really, you can’t go wrong with this one — it’s peak romance.

There’s plenty of ways to enjoy the cooler weather with your S.O. this year! Although it’s a little sad that we can’t exactly be doing the things we might normally, we can’t let it weigh our relationships down. Enjoy your cold season fun-times!