6 Valentine’s Day Tweets That Hit A Little Too Close to Home

Chilling on the couch on Valentine’s Day might easily seem like the worst thing in the world but in all honesty, the experience just builds character. Try laughing at some highkey hilarious tweets that might offer some well-needed perspective this Valentine’s Day.

  1. 1. Valentine’s Day weekend is rapidly approaching

    Sometimes, you really can’t expect the unexpected … even if it’s a holiday that comes every year on the same day. Better luck next year, huh?

  2. 2. DMs may be our only option…

    I don’t ignore DM’s, I just delete them when I don’t choose to respond. Oh wait…

  3. 3. Truth hurts, or whatever Lizzo said

    In all honesty single does not equal sadness. If we're being straight up, nothing sounds better than downing a box of chocolates, chasing it with a glass of rosé and watching the entire Twilight movie collection in one sitting.

  4. 4. Smiling through the pain is a superpower of mine.

    Apparently, faking it until you make it isn't enough this year. I am shocked and apalled by this turn of events.

  5. 5. Sometimes you just gotta be direct, sis.

    Listen, shooters shoot. We’re being direct and intentional all 2020.

  6. 6. Girls have to stick together, you know

     Women supporting women has always been the main idea, why fix what’s not broken?

I hope you officially have tears in your eyes (from laughter), a pain in your side and a smile on your face. Valentine's Day is what you make it.