5 Disney Channel Original Movie Characters We Had Crushes On as Kids

Sure, we feel creepy now, but we were in love with these Disney boys as kids! In fact, our on-screen crushes back then were probably way easier to deal with than our boy situations now. Either way, these young stars were the unforgettable few who made old school Disney movies and TV shows rock!

1. Cody from The Thirteenth Year (played by Chez Starbuck)

Cody was the beginning of our weakness for swimmers (before we discovered Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte). But this Disney protagonist had a small unfair advantage—near his 13th birthday, Cody realized he was a merman after he started sprouting fins and scales! We weren’t sure how to feel after our crush turned half-fish, but his baby face looked adorable on any species.

2.  Nick from The Jersey (played by Michael Galeota)

And no, we don't mean Jersey Shore. The Jersey was a TV series about a magic jersey that let Nick and his Monday Night Football friends switch places with their favorite professional athletes. We admit it: our crush on Nick was a mix of our obsession with jocks and celebrities, but who can blame us? He probably had the coolest stories to tell in the locker room!

3.  Andy from Brink! (played by Erik von Detten)

Andy, a.k.a "Brink," was our ultimate skater boy crush. He had the hair, the chill attitude, and an admirable loyalty to his skater friends (because it was socially acceptable to say “skater friends” in the '90s). Even as kids, we were suckers for athletes—plus, Detten looked like he had a lot of street cred in elbow pads and kneepads.  The blonde cutie was also quick on his feet in more ways than one, dishing this insult to his competition: 

4. Ben from Smart House (played by Ryan Merriman)

We thought this boy was the “It” kid for hosting a party in his high-tech “smart house” without his dad’s permission. Ben and his boys even kicked off his house party with a choreographed dance to the song “Slam Dunk (Da Funk)” by 5ive (if you can’t remember that catchy song, then you did the '90s wrong). Sweet tunes aside, you gotta love Ben for his adorkable attempt at picking up girls.

5.  Adam from Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire (played by Matt O’Leary)

Forget Robert Pattinson and Ian Somerhalder! Adam was the original heartthrob of supernatural movies. After he accidently set his mom up with a vampire in disguise, he and his siblings had to use their wits to end the date before Dimitri (what a typical vampire name!) lured her into his lair. Adam's devotion to protecting his mom is a trait we still find attractive in guys now, so kudos to figuring it out as a young boy!


Who was your childhood crush from the Disney Channel Original Movies? Tell us in the comments below!