10 Italian Campus Cuties

Name: Christopher Casoli

School: McGill

Major: Chemical Engineering

Nationality: 100% Italian and proud!

Born: Montreal

Hometown: Montreal (West Island)

Describe your program in one word: Complex

Best way to unwind: Going to my cottage after a long week always does the trick. Just chilling by the lake in the sun surrounded by the peace and quiet of nature really helps me unwind from the stresses of school, work, etc.

Study snack of choice: Definitely tarallis (Italian cookies) if I’m at home, but candy as well; I have a huge sweet tooth.

Liquid courage: Vodka always does the trick.

Most embarrassing moment: I was on a family vacation and I somehow managed to knock over a waiter carrying a tray full of drinks. It was a very crowded restaurant and it made quite the commotion... I’m a pretty clumsy person.

Favorite place in the world: Santorini, Greece - hands down. The food, the people, the scenery... everything is amazing; I can’t wait to go back. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited (swallowing my Italian pride a bit here).

Top three pet peeves:
1 - People who have full conversations on the bus or train. You’re not in your house; you should respect the people around you and shut up.
2 - Slow walkers! I don’t mind if you’re taking a leisurely stroll, just don’t walk in the middle of the sidewalk and block the path for the rest of us.
3 - Walking into a messy house, room, or whatever it may be. It doesn’t take long to clean up and make your space presentable.

Biggest turn-off: Really bad teeth; the second I notice that in a girl, it’s over.

Biggest turn-on: Long dark hair and nice legs - gets me every time.

If you could date anyone in the world who and why: Adrianna Lima... pretty self-explanatory I think.

Describe the girls at McGill: Smart, sophisticated, and quite a few cuties (for the most part…)

Secret love affair (doesn't have to be a person): I love pasta; it is impossible for me to go an entire week without having a nice bowl of pasta.

Go-to movie and why: Zoolander! Funniest movie ever made, always makes me cry of laughter every time I watch it.

Your mantra: “It is what it is.” You can’t change the past, just need to learn from your mistakes and look forward to the future.