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Have you ever felt like you can’t look cute in the winter? Girl, me too. Living in northern Ohio makes it nearly impossible to maintain fashion AND warmth simultaneously. Characteristically, warm clothes aren’t always the cutest. We often have to sacrifice fashion for the sake of staying healthy from the bitter cold. While bulky parkas and clunky snow boots remain the most practical, sometimes we need to branch out and incorporate different items into our winter wardrobe. Over the years, I’ve discovered numerous styles that work well and have become some go-to ‘fits between December and March. Here are four fashionably warm style trends to try out this winter:

A sweater dress with a cardigan and leggings

Cardigans are perfect for layering and matching. Wearing a sweater dress is a double whammy for warmth. For a streamline silhouette, wear solid-colored leggings or tights underneath. If you’re still a little chilly, throw on a blanket scarf because they are always a good idea.

Chunky snow boots with skinny jeans and a sweater

Skinny pants with contrastingly larger shoes make your legs appear slim. Feel free to accessorize with chunky jewelry like cheetah print hoops. Wear a cute sweater up top that matches the color scheme of your boots! Check out Ryka – a shoe brand created exclusively for women. 

A turtleneck underneath a denim jacket with dress pants

Who doesn’t love a good turtleneck? They’re incredibly practical and flattering. Find one that’s warm while considering texture and proportion. If you choose to wear a denim jacket up top, opt for some business casual dress pants below.

A wool sweater with a cashmere scarf (or vice versa!)

Both wool and cashmere are lighter fabrics that keep you incredibly warm. Note that clothes made out of these materials can be pricey, so consider investing in one item of each. These are well worth the hefty price tag, for they may last you a lifetime! Pair these with a camel dress coat and a matching hat and gloves set.

Hannah Shively

Youngstown '22

Hannah Shively is a senior pursuing her bachelor's degree in instrumental music education from the Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University. She's very passionate about a lot of things: Jesus, music, coffee, fruit snacks, dogs, the cello, and being barefoot. She adores traveling, especially to the beach. You can often find her hanging out with friends, making music, eating delicious food, and going on new adventures.
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