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jenna ortega as wednesday
jenna ortega as wednesday
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Wednesday’s Lookbook from Netflix’s Hit Series

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jenna ortega as wednesday

Netflix’s Wednesday offered a new and modern spin on the all-black wardrobe of its lead character, starring Jenna Ortega. In the first episode released on November 23, the young outcast is sent to Nevermore Academy where she encounters sirens, werewolves, vampires and more. The character remained in the iconic black long-sleeved dress with white pilgrim-collars, and braided pigtails since the ‘Addams Family’ debut in the New Yorker‘s comic series, followed by both the TV sitcom and film during the ’90s.

While this vision of Wednesday Addams kept the uniform style, her outfits perfectly matched today’s top trends for the winter. The style mix matched textures like laying a cropped black puffer jacket over a collared knitted cardigan. If you want plenty of options to recreate an outfit, you don’t need to look any further!

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Plaid Knit Vest – $25 at Zara

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Checkmate Pullover Sweater – $24 at Urban Outfitters

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The Small Portrait Backpack (Vintage) – $280 at The Cambridge Satchle CO.

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