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Surviving the Holidays: COVID Style

COVID has altered several different things in everyone’s lives, and the upcoming holidays are no exception. While some people are lucky enough to still spend the holidays with their families, not everyone has that luxury. That is why I have decided to create a list of some things you can do to keep yourself busy during these normally loved one’s packed times. 

Catch up on some work.

While COVID has changed several things, your workload may not be one of them. This would be a good time to catch up on some work or any projects you’ve been meaning to begin or finish. 

Binge a new TV show.

If you are lucky enough to spare some time to indulge yourself in a new show, you should totally do it! This year has been super overwhelming for everyone, so you deserve to take a break, relax, and begin a new TV show you’ve always wanted to start but never had the free time to do so. 

Reorganize/clean out your closet or another space in your house.

Cleaning can be very therapeutic, and it is also a good way to pass the time. Not to mention, you are also doing something productive. Since everyone is spending much more time in their own homes, they might as well surround themselves with a clean space. It’s never too late for a little fall cleanout!

Indulge yourself in a good book.

It’s hard to imagine that most people have had time to keep up their reading hobby when everything else in their lives has done a 180. The holidays alone would be a good time to pick up that book you set down several months ago and enjoy some good reading. 

Make Christmas cookies and deliver them COVID-style.

If you are looking to get into the Christmas mood, baking Christmas cookies is a great option. Additionally, if you have friends and family that live close to you, you could share your baking with them, in a safe way, of course, such as setting a plate outside their door. 

Zoom/FaceTime with friends and family.

While it is very upsetting that we cannot physically spend the holidays with our friends and family, they are still only a call away. Talking to them on the phone can help to return some normalcy of being together, even if it is through a screen.

Sammy Dohy

Youngstown '23

I love writing, traveling, and being with my friends!
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