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If you need a show to watch I have the perfect solution for you! I have been obsessed with two shows recently. My favorite is Manifest. Manifest is all about a plane crash that didn’t actually crash! Without completely spoiling the show, the people go on a plane and come back five years later. Totally insane right! If you love dramas this show is for you. It is full of twists and turns. It is one of the most developed plotlines of a show I have seen. Another that not enough people are talking about is Money Heist. Money Heist will have you sitting on the edge of your seat and wanting more. It is an amazing show that is also super developed. It is filled with multiple genres that come together to complement each other so well. If you like romance this is for you. If you like drama this is for you. If you like action this is also for you. This is a show that you can watch with even the harshest critics. This show needs to be talked about more. If neither of these is fueling your fire to go watch them there is also Squid Games. This one is going crazy on all platforms and so many people can’t get enough of it. I just started it and the first episode caught my attention right away. People are definitely in awe of this because of how captivating and unpredictable it truly is. This is definitely going to be a binge-watch for me. I hope you all are as captivated by these as I have been!

Julianna Sandine

Youngstown '24

I am a Sophomore at Youngstown State University, majoring in Biochemistry through the Baccmed program. My hobbies include thrifting, drinking coffee, doing yoga, and hanging out with her friends!
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