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Let’s Get Digital, Digital — Ready To Get Your Life In Order? Me Neither.

Are you down in the dumps? Is life hitting you from left and right with school, work, and MAYBE EVEN MORE!? No problem! For just $19.99 you can get your life in order! All you have to do is call our number and we can set you up! But wait -THERE’S MORE! Call in the next five minutes, and we can offer you $9.99 and 20% off your NEXT PURCHASE! WHOA! Now that’s a deal!

No, but seriously, as much as I love to plan and organize, I would rather be super lazy. I’m a contradiction against myself! But I have ways to help me with that and these can help other things like anxiety and stress as well. Let’s get started!

I like to do these things on my tablet because it’s easier to get whatever you need off of Google (and cheaper!), but any electronic device will work, or if you want to stick to paper – THAT WORKS TOO

  1. Digital Planner – Yes, I know, they are EVERYWHERE! But it’s a good thing because not only can you get a lot of ideas and inspiration (as well as free planner downloads if you look in the right places) but watching people update their own on YouTube or TikTok is very satisfying! You can download or make your own stickers to decorate your planner. Put daily-to-weekly-to-monthly plans and you can change it around with eraser marks or scribbles (if you like them GO CRAZY!)
  1. Digital Scrapbooking – That’s right, you heard me. SCRAPBOOKING! I already have my retirement plans set for the future which aggressively include Book Club, Gardening, and Knitting. Scrapbooking always seemed like fun, but I was never really sure how to get into it. When it comes to digital, it’s so easy! Doing it on paper is easy as well – all you need are a bunch of pictures of things you like, and you can group them together in whatever way you want. It’s super relaxing and it helps with my own anxiety, and also helps tap into my creativity. 

Both of these things keep me organized and stable-minded. I can’t be the only college student who gets super anxious when I don’t have order and some kind of structure. Digital Planning allows you control over your time and efforts while Digital Scrapbooking helps with creativity, anxiety, and focus. It’s important to remember that nothing in life gets done properly or with genuine joy if you aren’t in a good place, and I hope one or both of these can help with that if need be. Or you can do it just for fun – either way, I hoped I helped, and you enjoy it!

I am a Senior at Youngstown State University achieving a degree in Merchandising: Fashion & Interiors with a minor in Journalism. When I'm not writing for HerCampus, I'm writing my own stories; I love to read all kinds of books and watch movies. Hoping to one day publish my own book (and maybe even a magazine), I will still aspire to be successful in the fashion industry.
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