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Don’t Panic, but One Direction Might ~Actually~ be Coming Back

If you’re a die-hard Directioner like myself, this news probably isn’t new to you. But I’m going to put together a list of reasons why it’s very likely that One Direction will be coming back.

July 23, 2020 is Their 10-Year Anniversary

I’m not saying that their 10-year anniversary makes them more likely to have a reunion… but it definitely doesn’t make it less likely. In regards to a reunion, Liam Payne told The Sun magazine “We’ve got a ten-year anniversary coming up so we’ve all been speaking together a lot over the last few weeks which has been really nice…At the moment I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say.” If that doesn’t scream, “we’re having a 10-year anniversary reunion,” I don’t know what does.

The Official One Direction Website Has Been Updated

The last update on the website was January 26th, 2016 according to the posts on the website’s main page. However, if you scroll to the very bottom, you can see the copyright symbol with “2020” next to it.


They’ve Been Talking More

Not only has Liam said in interviews that they’ve all been talking more lately (including having a groupchat!), but just this week (on April 20, 2020), Niall went live on Instagram and Liam joined him to chat. Here you can watch a screen recording of them talking on Instagram live. At one point, Liam even asks Niall if he’s talked to Louis that day. (If you want to watch that part, it’s at 8:26!)

Liam is Spilling All. The. TEA. (And Louis Told Him Off)

On an Instagram live video on April 19th, Liam reveals to his Midnight single collaborator, Alesso, that Louis Tomlinson told Liam off for revealing too much. If nothing was happening, Louis obviously wouldn’t have a problem with this. This confirms that something is definitely in the works. You can watch the clip of Liam saying that Louis told him off in this tweet.

It’s uncertain as of right now whether the One Direction reunion will involve a tour, or a new album, or the return of Zayn Malik, but one thing is almost definitely for sure: a comeback is happening.

Rachel is a junior at Youngstown State University, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Advertising & PR. In addition to being one of the Campus Correspondents for her school's Her Campus chapter, she is a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and a Campus Trendsetter. She loves writing, hanging out with friends and family, and Star Wars. She hopes to one day manage a large resort somewhere tropical (or at Disney World!).
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