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Travel Friends Sunset Roadtrip Jeep Adventure Nature
Travel Friends Sunset Roadtrip Jeep Adventure Nature
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The Comeback of VSCO

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Youngstown chapter.

Grab your Hydroflasks and brace yourselves… *drumroll*

Yes sir, VSCO is making a comeback this year and I have a feeling it’s going to be EPIC! SKSKSKSK – and I oop, and I oop!

Don’t know what VSCO is? I will let Urban Dictionary explain it to you.

Wears oversized t-shirts or sweatshirt with Nike shorts. Has Vans, Crocs, Birks, and wears a shell necklace. She also wears tube tops and Jean shorts. She always has a Hydroflask. She can’t leave home without a scrunchie and her favorite car is a Jeep.

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If you are on the app TikTok, you might have seen the mass surge of accounts that have the on-going theme of bringing VSCO back. It’s all about fun in the sun, sand and water, and driving with the windows down and music up!

It was a big trend back in 2019 and people are missing it since the trends have changed over time and I’m included! It has been a rough time for us all and VSCO does provide a sort of vibe that expresses happiness and content.

A lot of people are wanting that back, looking for just a bit of comfort since the world turned upside down and I completely get it. After the whiplash given by 2020, I will be singing What Time Is It during finals week as if I starred in High School Musical 2 with my-husband-but-doesn’t-know-he’s-my-husband Zac Efron.

With that said, if you happen to join the VSCO trend, remember to vacation properly. Wear your masks, social distance and limit the number of people in social gatherings as much as possible.

Be safe and save the turtles!

Camden Spann

Youngstown '24

I am a Senior at Youngstown State University achieving a degree in Merchandising: Fashion & Interiors with a double minor in Journalism and Creative Writing.