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Growing up, I always watched many different beauty influences on YouTube to help me gain an understanding of makeup. From that point on, I’ve been OBSESSED! Throughout the years, I’ve gathered a few of my staples in my makeup routine, and I’m here to share them with you!

L’oreal paris magic bb cream anti-redness

Y’all – I SWEAR by this product. If your skin tends to show a lot of redness (like mine does), this is the product for you. All you do is rub it in with your hands, and it “matches” your skin tone. Forewarning, it is more orange-toned, so you may want to use a lighter, cooler concealer to tone it down. But seriously, this BB cream is magic and has taken away all of my redness. It’s aimed more towards light/fair skin but they do have a BB cream that is targeted more towards olive and darker tones! And, a huge plus, it’s only $8 at Walmart right now!

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous lash paradise mascara

This mascara is truly my holy grail. I naturally have super long eyelashes, but they tend to droop down and they cannot hold a curl for the life of them. This product truly does them justice. Because I have super fair skin and blue eyes, I like to get the black-brown color. I feel like it suits me more. But, they do have a shade range of different colors that will best fit you! Even my friends with shorter lashes adore this product. It’s a more expensive drugstore mascara coming in at $10, but it’s well worth the splurge.

wet n wild prime focus the impossible primer

As you can probably tell by now, I am the queen when it comes to drugstore makeup products. I used to spend all of my money at Sephora when I could’ve been finding great dupes and cheaper products! I truly love this primer. I have SUPER oily skin and this primer literally melts into my skin like water. It’s a silicone-free primer which is a huge bonus. Silicone tends to block your pores which isn’t good for your skin, and that’s why I love this product! I truly feel like every skin type should be able to use this primer. I’ve had friends with super dry skin use it and love it. I’ve worn this primer to work, school, even to concerts and it held my makeup up perfectly. It’s super cheap as well, only $6 so it definitely won’t break your bank.

Benefit cosmetics hoola matte bronzer

I know this makeup product is a little bit of a splurge, but it is well worth it. I got the mini bronzer a while ago ($17) and I’m still using it. This bronzer gives me such a natural look which I love; I’m a huge fan of the “no-makeup-makeup-look.” It honestly could look so good with every skin tone. It’s pretty inclusive, it’s a universal shade that almost every person could use. They have different shades as well for lighter and darker tones. It’s more expensive, but it’ll last you a long time and is worth the money.

St. Moriz self-tanning mousse

For my pale people, this is the stuff for you. During the summer, I can never catch a tan. My skin always burns. I could literally lather my body in sunscreen, and I would still burn. Tanning beds are never a safe option, so definitely opt for this! It’s one of the best sunless tanners I’ve ever used, and it’s fairly inexpensive! It’s about $13 for a bottle which isn’t much compared to other self-tanners on the market. It doesn’t make you orange which is truly one of my biggest fears. It complements well with any skin tone and gives you a perfect glow. Even for people with darker tones, it would still give you a pretty glow and correct any discoloration you may have! I’d say it’s worth a shot.

Reygan Moore

Youngstown '25

Reygan is a second year student at Youngstown State University. Her major is Communications on the social media track. She hopes to become a social media manager after finishing her degree. She is extremely passionate when it comes to music and fashion. Be sure to look out for her style tips and music suggestions!