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‘And Just Like That…’ — Why People Are Hating On ‘The Sex and The City’ Reboot *SPOILERS*

First, let's start off with a moment of silence for you-know-who’s character on the show... AND THEN THE AMAZINGLY TALENTED AND MUCH-LOVED WILLIE GARSON! His legacy will live on through all the lives he's touched through friendship and the characters he has played over the years.

The Sex and The City reboot – ‘And Just Like That...’ - is one for the books! We are sadly not joined by all of the FABULOUS core four, with Samantha Jones thriving in Europe. We are still seeing the other ladies of New York living their lives - the New York Times' Best Seller Carrie Bradshaw, the hardworking and strong-headed lawyer Miranda Hobbes... and the one and only, the one who dresses to impress even if she's just meeting the girls for brunch - the SPECTACULAR, the WONDERFUL (and my favorite if you couldn't tell) CHARLOTTE YORK!

The ladies are still living their full lives in the wonderful state of New York. I don't want to get into too many details, so I don't spoil too much of the fun, but we have to talk about it. And by it, I mean 'controversy'.

Boooooo! Absolutely no need for any negative comments about the show OR ANY SHOW OR ANYTHING!

The big deal is how progressive the show is.

I can't be the only one who watches shows or moves from ten years ago or before and think, "If this were to come out today, they would be posting an apology video shedding more tears than Laura Lee."

It's true!

Sex and The City, while it did pay homage to a few so-called 'controversial' topics, was never fully out there and accepting of everyone and everything – acting very taboo if you will. In today’s world, however, a lot of people are making and are helping make change happen in a direction where people can be themselves and be accepted for who they are without reprimand. No, it's not perfect. But if it were the 90s and topics on And Just Like That... were being talked about on Sex and The City, the show would've gotten even more hate than it already did and still does from the usual hater club.

It's not surprising and it's not shocking, but change isn't something that a lot of people like. I have to say though, I like And Just Like That...

Not just for the progressivism, but the fact that it's not EXACTLY like Sex and The City. Some may argue that a reboot is supposed to be like the original, just with new characters, but I think even then there should be differences. Not just names, but personalities and other things that make up a character so we can love someone new, not a remake. And Just Like That… has the same characters we already love, but in a new era and it is absolutely FABULOUS!

I am a Senior at Youngstown State University achieving a degree in Merchandising: Fashion & Interiors with a minor in Journalism. When I'm not writing for HerCampus, I'm writing my own stories; I love to read all kinds of books and watch movies. Hoping to one day publish my own book (and maybe even a magazine), I will still aspire to be successful in the fashion industry.
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