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Who can resist freshers’ fair freebies? Whether you actually signed up to the famous FetSoc or joined that sports team which promises unforgettable (or forgettable) socials, there is no denying that some of you visited main campus simply to collect the entire content of your pencil case.  After feeling guilty about stuffing you face with copious slices of free dominos, you begin to start searching for something a little more waist friendly. Wading through the endless cupcake counters and Haribo hustlers, you spot a rather organic and colorful looking stand. As you approach, you notice an incredible array of exotic popcorn flavors and endless fruity fusions of smoothie to sample, a truly splendid sight.

 Conveniently placed at York rail station, Ugot is perfect for all you busy collegiettes who are looking for a healthy and delicious grab-and-go snack. Ranging from sumptuous salads to fantastic froyo, Ugot clearly lives up to its claim that they are  “passionate about providing healthy food that doesn’t compromise on taste”. Using only the freshest ingredients, Ugot promises to provide us with natural and real food to fulfil our healthy cravings and keep us feeling fighting fit during the winter months. So come on girls, Ugot to head on down to York station to try out this heavenly health bar! 

For more information visit http://www.test.theliftagency.com/ugotnew/


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